50 days in the open ocean

Three teenagers from the islands of Tokelau found alive 50 days after the boat in which they were, went missing in the Pacific Ocean. The boys accidentally discovered by fishermen. Officials stopped the search for a long time. At home, the children's funeral had already taken place.

Miraculously surviving teens 14 -15 years have picked up the fishermen, fished tuna near Fiji. As reported by BBC, is now the boys are in the hospital.

They have been missing since ...

the annual sports event, which took place on the islands of Tokelau, the 5th of October. Their small aluminum boat disappeared in the area of ​​the atoll of Atafu.

After the search, with the participation of New Zealand military aircraft have not been successful, teen found dead. Relatives have long held their funeral.

However, on Wednesday afternoon the fishermen noticed the boys to the north-east of Fiji.

"They were in a fairly good mood for the people who drifted at sea for nearly two months", - said the first mate of a fishing vessel Tai Fredriksen. - "Boys terrible burns. Their bodies were discovered every day tropical sun ».

Fishermen have teenagers first aid, smeared their skin soothing cream and given water.

Fredriksen added that now the boys are happy, listen to music and watching cartoons.

Tokelau Islands - territory in the South Pacific, New Zealand dependent.

from here: infox.ru/accident/incident/2010/11/...a_50_dnye.phtml

From childhood to remember a similar case:

taken from here: vilavi.ru/sud/251008/251008.shtml

Two Ukrainian, Russian and Tatar

As the Pacific floats barge with dudes
Dudes do not lose heart - to play rock gormoshke
Ziganshin boogie Poplawski -rok
Ziganshin ate second boot ...

Ziganshin crepe held,
Bodrov himself pale, like a shadow,
And what was going to say,
He said only the next day:

"Friends!" An hour later: "Dear!»
"Children! - After another hour, -
After all, we did not break the element,
So you break the hunger we?

Forget the food, then there,
And remember about our soldiers ... »
"I would know, - he becomes delirious Fedotov, -
And what we have in terms of eating »...

This line - nearly half a century. Young Vladimir Vysotsky wrote them in 1960, wrote about their peers, whose names are then thundered across the country, and around the world. Vysotsky's poem, taken from these lines is called - "Forty-nine days».
Barge T-36

Began as those famous "49 days" January 17, 1960-year. On the island of Iturup - one of the four, and still "controversial" Kuril Islands - a soldier's service were four lads: Askhat Ziganshin Tatar, Russian Ivan Fedotov and two Ukrainians: Anatoly Kryuchkovsky yes Philippe Poplawski. Four soldiers and four friends met the morning of January 17 self-propelled barge aboard the T-36. Rocky shallows is not allowed to deliver goods directly to the bank, and T-P6 served for cargo ships as a kind of floating dock. Barge hundred tons displacement had a waterline length of 17 meters, its width was only three and a half meters, and sludge - a little more than one meter. With these dimensions, plus a maximum speed of 9 knots, the T-36 could afford to move away from the coast most of 200-300 meters. As she looked, this is the T-36 barge, one can imagine a photograph of its exact model.

By nightfall zashtormilo. In fact, to the windswept Bay stormy weather it was not anything unusual, but the storm turned out to be particularly strong. As later recalled, many years later, Anatoly F. Kryuchkovsky, "in a few seconds up huge waves, torn from our barge mooring mast and began throwing it at bay as the splinter." Fearing that the barge to throw stones, they launched two diesel T-36 and tried to resist the squally wind and waves multimeter. They fought until the end of the fuel. They did not break on the rocks, although hole barge still won. But they are not broke, do not. They just issued to the ocean ...

Of course, they were looking for could not help but look. When the weather conditions allow. But hardly are searching different special urgency: there is little doubt that sudёnyshko type T-36 to withstand ocean storms were not able to. In addition, during that storm washed overboard a large chest with coal, and then found on the banks of its fragments like

Private Anatoly Kryuchkovsky

... About all the details of what happened, what, why and how we are now is difficult to judge. In any case, the fact remains that the January storm that raged for several days, drove the barge in the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean - the barge did not ocean-class, uncontrollable and not self-propelled, badly tattered, devoid of radio, de-energized, with hastily clamped a hole in the bottom . It later emerged that sudёnyshko with four people on board were picked up by powerful ocean currents, Japanese fishermen who gave the name "for death." Every hour, every minute barge T-36 farther and farther, to the shores of the family. And another fatal accident, which quadruple learned almost immediately, to be discovered in the cabin of the newspaper "Red Star": in a note reported that just in this part of the ocean held training missile launches, in connection with which the entire area was declared unsafe for navigation. This meant that already in the near time they did not have even a slim chance to meet any ship

Private Ivan Fedotov


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