ByFusion turns plastic debris from the ocean in environmentally friendly building blocks

The problem of the concentration of waste in water bodies of the planet, in particular plastic waste, has become global, and many creative people offer their own ways of cleansing the World ocean. Finding ways of recycling of plastic waste collected in the ocean, is one of the solutions to the problem. The US-based startup ByFusion responded to this challenge with technology that allows us to recycle plastic trash from the ocean in a rugged building blocks. Thus, plastic waste can be used in other areas, not to return to the ocean after processing in the form of the other disposable plastic waste.
Twenty two million four hundred eleven thousand six hundred eighty four

The technology is based on the idea of an inventor from New Zealand, Peter Lewis, who works as chief engineer in the company. In the technological process involved modular platform that compresses the plastic waste into blocks of various shapes and densities based on user settings. The result is called RePlast is a secondary plastic building material. Portable system RePlast runs on gas or electricity and does not require sorting and washing of recycled plastic. ByFusion RePlast describes on its website as "almost 100 percent neutral non-toxic production process", noting that the blocks can help improve the ecological status of construction projects and to facilitate their LEED certificate.
Forty nine million five hundred sixty two thousand eight hundred thirty two

In the production of RePlast blocks are not used glue or adhesive. They may represent the next wave of sustainable construction, as they consist entirely of collected plastic waste and contribute to a 95 percent reduction of greenhouse gases rather than buying traditional concrete blocks. In addition, due to the production of mixed plastic waste construction material may get unexpected color scheme. published    



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