Forgotten technology of rammed-earth construction for low-rise construction

Today the construction market is a large number of new and traditional construction materials that feature high strength and durability. However, before the advent of modern building materials there was a lot of construction technologies, differing durability and fast construction of low-rise buildings. One of them is rammed-earth construction technology.

The history of the emergence in Russia

The popularity of environmentally friendly housing forced to recall a forgotten method of construction from the ground. He was brought to Russia by the architect Nikolai Lvov from Europe and was used in the construction of houses in the estate city. After that, he built this way at home in Gatchina.

There were many doubters in this building material of people who did not believe in the strength of the earthen houses in the damp climate of St. Petersburg. House of Lviv were subjected to a test of strength with bladed weapons, but as a result of such inspections on the metal remained the notch, and the earthen walls of the buildings were not damaged.

As a result, the architect N. Lviv was entrusted with the construction of the Priory Palace, which still stands in Gatchina. And after a long period of time this building has not lost its attractiveness and has not suffered from the damp climate of St. Petersburg.

The benefits of rammed-earth technology

Rammed-earth construction technology has several advantages over other methods of construction of houses. It is inexpensive and does not require a large amount of unproductive work. All the land dug up during the construction of the Foundation pit, then used in construction. It is very effective and helps to reduce the cost of construction significantly.

Such a house warm in cold season. In the hot season it is cool and don't have to use air conditioning. Earthen walls have a finely porous surface, which allows to avoid high humidity in the house. These homes are not afraid of fire and is safe for humans, as it was built from natural materials.

Over time, their strength only increases, which is a characteristic feature of such buildings. After 20 years of operation, an earthen house, gets the strength of the concrete to exceed the strength of brick structures.

Disadvantages of earthen houses

The disadvantages of rammed-earth building technology should include the cost for the construction of a solid Foundation on the need for waterproofing works. Also the technology of rammed-earth construction of house is of high drugstrategy. All construction work will have to in the summer as in the winter and in the offseason, walls are bad to dry.

But all these disadvantages can be eliminated by using a special construction technology. So, for the construction of rammed-earth walls need climbing shuttering, which will form the supporting structures. It is made by ramming the earth and fill the ground layer with mortar.

Adobe technology

In addition to the monolithic walls you can use earthen blocks, which are made of special mortar, which includes earth, water and Portland cement. They are dried in the open air, and then used in construction work.

The composition and construction of the test depends on the characteristics of ground on which to build the structure. Different earthen mixes will have to be corrected with special additives in order to obtain stable building material. Accurately determine the type of soil, which is inherent in the specific areas below to find the right building supplements.

Using the technology of the construction of earthen houses, developed in the 19th century by using modern calcifying supplements to build cheap, durable and environmentally friendly house. In the manuals of the 19th century that you can find online, and also presents a variety of design and construction of the formwork for the erection of monolithic walls of trebovaniy of the earth.

The economic benefits of earthen houses

Excavation of low-rise buildings can be great competition for the houses with traditional materials. This technology is ideal for solving housing problems in CIS countries, where the population has no such income, in Europe or the United States.

The cost of rammed-earth house seven times lower than the cost of wooden buildings, and houses of brick cost in this case is even more expensive. Today, these archaic construction technology widely used in the USA and in Europe for the construction of environmentally friendly affordable housing in one or two floors. The use of this technology allows to significantly reduce the costs for the construction of low-rise residential buildings.published


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