A house in the land will protect you from many unfavorable influences of energy

Sovremennaya dugout has long become not just a house in the land, and in a cozy and comfortable dwelling, the principles of construction which, however, remained the same. Tell a little more about how you can build a dugout and why it is beneficial and just.

In fact, to build a dugout quite profitable – well designed and built house has some serious benefits, in which without a doubt the following.

First, any dugout very energy efficient — due to the poor thermal conductivity of the strata of the earth, the warmth lingers long inside the house and the dugout is easily provided by a stable temperature, which makes this an underground house without a doubt comfortable in the harsh climate.

By the way, not everyone knows that temperature fluctuations on the earth's surface reaches to the depth of a serious delay. For example, if you make measurements at a depth of three meters, it would appear that the temperature of the warmest time of the year comes here late not much is not enough, and about three months! In addition, deep soil does not freeze in winter (in our climate) the temperature at a depth of 2 meters is equal to 6-8 ° C in summer and 15-18 degrees.

Secondly, the earth does not miss not only heat but sound, and it means that in the earthen house, you will have excellent sound insulation from external sounds, which is especially important in the case if you choose a place for building in a noisy location, such as near freeways or airports.


Fourth, the land for the construction of an earthen home can cost you half the price of conventional site for construction. Why? The answer is simple – for the construction of mud huts are the perfect places unattractive for development or crop plots (slopes or hills) – typically, these unsightly areas are much smaller than their counterparts.

In the fifth, the dugout is very easy to maintain – even during the construction phase it is important to ensure good waterproofing of the house, and later the roof or wall coated with a layer of soil with grass, would not require special care.

Another advantage is the reduced construction time. The time-consuming part of roofing is not required, by the way, here too you can save money and buy materials for such work is not necessary.

But there have dug its drawbacks: due to the lack of walls and natural lighting environment inside such a house will always be humid. Because of the peculiarities of the site selected for the construction, problems may arise with the review of house (it depends on the area). It is very important to do a quality waterproofing – otherwise possible infiltration of water into the house due to an incorrect calculation of the level of ground waters, their uplift or shifting soil. Another problem is, however, very relative, is a small area of glazing for natural lighting, but, as the modern experience in the construction of dugouts – all this is very relative!

By the way, the popular construction of the dugouts began in the late 60s of the last century – then, for the erection and construction of "dugouts" (call these houses the dugouts without the quotes do not turn the language) began to apply modern technology and environmentally friendly materials, then the cost of this environmentally friendly construction equal to the cost of similar buildings erected on the surface of the earth. Today, the construction of dugouts can be as economical and very wasteful, but the result may be fundamentally different!


What area more suitable for underground home?

If you've decided to build a hut, you first take care of the site selection: it is important to consider all features of the site. Choose areas on the hillsides, so the building will look more successfully, and you will save on earthworks. On sloping ground it is possible to do the house is completely underground, and on the hilly place of the wall of the dugout is partially to sprinkle the ground. So if you found a beautiful, but challenging, hilly area – you will easily be able to turn the disadvantages of this land to advantage.

Remember — the greater the angle of the slope, the faster moving surface waters. Do not start construction in the valley or on the bottom of the ravine is at risk of flood the dugout even before the completion of construction. The groundwater level must be at a sufficient depth from the dugout, as much as possible to lower the structure into the ground. Check also the location of the leak underground streams.

Not unimportant role to play and directions in the construction of underground structures in basement, South-facing slope will provide an underground house, solar lighting, and the Northern slope will give the maximum cool. If the terrain is not too hilly, but still you are going to build the dug – Orient doors and Windows on the Sunny side.

It is best to build dugouts in areas with soil having good-bandwidth – for example, these include sand, speak or loam. But clay in its pure form doesn't suit us — it keeps the moisture being washed away when wet. But clay will serve as a waterproof lock in the layers that are adjacent to the main structure. For the final cover of the dugout used the fertile soil – in other words, the turf. Therefore, before the start of the turf need to be saved.

If you have not yet chosen to house the dugout, then build an underground house is not the top of the hill, as the place to find. So much for this site: orientation, removal from water, good visibility and maximum percentage of natural lighting. And Yes the construction here is very simple: the top of the hill are a rip off, and at the final stage of construction of the house her fall asleep again, getting a house, actually "dug" into the ground.

Dugout – it is environmentally friendly, simple, relatively cheap, and, today, a very stylish version of home. If you are already a happy owner of such structure – share your impressions! published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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