Cheap, environmentally friendly, fabulous... the House with his own hands

You dream about your house? Maybe in your area enough space for a small extension where you'd love doing a favorite hobby or just relax in solitude from the everyday hustle and bustle? It is not necessary to borrow or to save each ruble of wages; there are many people who have built their dream home, not having substantial funds. As you know, the main thing – desire!

1. The hobbit house Simon Dale from UK always wanted to own a home. But at current real estate prices could not afford it. He did not take mortgages on houses, and built a summer residence for his wife and two children with their hands on a small plot of land in Wales.

Prior to that, Simon had no experience in construction. He was helped by relatives and friends, the whole process took 4 months. Building it was decided to build on a hillside. To do this, the place was dug pit; extracted soil and stone used for Foundation and retaining walls.

Was used as waste wood and wood from the nearby forest. The roof, floor and walls are covered with straw, which provided insulation after the walls are coated with lime plaster, allowing the house to "breathe".

On the roof was also put insulation on top of the turf with grass. The original design of the roof with the hatch at the top provided natural light during the day.

The house is heated by a fireplace, the chimney passes through the stone, which holds heat for a long time.

The frame was made of oak; the construction was used the most simple tools. As he told Simon, some materials (e.g., Windows, plumbing, sockets, wires) they are found in landfills. The house uses solar energy, instead of the refrigerator – cellar.

This home is not only easy, cheap and environmentally friendly – a reflection of individuality, the ability to live in harmony with nature, freedom from the cliches of the modern construction industry.

Simon claims that he did not build housing specially like the "hobbit hole". The family uses it as a summer residence, and Simon since then received many commissions for similar buildings. Here, for example, another built them a house:

2. Eco house from the ground Yes, you heard right! From the most ordinary land, which is known to be free. And, more precisely of the bags to the ground.

As experts say, it is better to use a sandy loam soil – it will harden after forming, which will give the structure additional strength. The Foundation for such a home is not needed, it can be built directly on the ground, it is necessary only to align the platform.

The geometry of the construction can be arbitrary – from a small house with a dome in a fabulous style to complete a large building of any, even the most bizarre.

Sacks of earth stacked on top of each other; for forming it is convenient to use a plate that fits under the bag: the soil in the bag is compacted, and then the plate is removed. For additional ligament through the rows of bags stacked wire mesh or boards.


Dome design eliminates the need to do overlap. As insulation, you can put an ordinary film.

Interesting item – the bags themselves. They are very cheap; they can be found in landfills or in the stores where they remain after the packing of the goods. If the building is planned, it is convenient to use rolls Meshkova fabric – this will allow you to build a house one-piece ring.

The material of bags is quite durable, it allows you to form more stable block in the bags, pour mortar, and then placed them in shape, getting ready-made building elements. Also can be molded blocks of clay and straw.

Bags lined with walls plastered, whitewashed and painted.


3. Bottles for home in wall construction is also used bottle – it can be both plastic and glass containers. Thermal resistance of a wall one layer of glass bottles is equal to a brick wall thickness of 0.55 m! While it is 2.5-3.5 is lighter and thinner.

One square meter of the wall will need about 200 bottles and about 150 l of solution (depending on seam width).

This building is not just a cheap, warm and durable, but also eco-friendly – the collection of bottles in the area will clean the area and help the environment.

House made of plastic bottles is also simple in construction, but will need patience: each bottle will need to be filled with sand or earth.

After the bottles laid in cement-sand mortar, wall reinforcing mesh-netting (you can just wrap the necks with a rope, and then plastered. The finished building looks virtually indistinguishable from houses built of the usual materials:

Bottles can be used to create a floating home. And the first in the world building of similar material was erected in 1902 and looked like this:

Well, what can I do if all of the above for any reasons does not suit you, and means you are limited?..

Well, it's time to remember the classics. Allow me to introduce...

4. Her Majesty the Dugout This type of housing known since Neolithic times, it is one of the most ancient and spread all over the world. If you are planning a large construction site, a dugout will serve you not only as the first temporary buildings on the site, but also as a cellar or utility room for more in the future.

However, not to diminish its merits and the main housing or additional residential buildings! The main advantages of the dugout, the temperature inside; the simplicity of the construction (it can be built very quickly and even alone) and cheapness. And yet — invisibility: as soon as the roof will sprout grass, your house will no longer stand out against the surrounding landscape.

To some this project may not seem too attractive in my mind, I left the stereotype of the dugout as a relic of history. In extreme cases, it is perceived as a cellar for the storage of blanks. But modern dugouts look no less worthy than the usual house. Cozy, lined inside and outside with boards, with small round Windows — they are pleasing to the eye and are gaining popularity throughout Europe. They intertwined like time itself — past and present, nature and man...

Their newfound popularity sometimes does not understand what it is: a dugout, or buried in the ground a modern cottage?

Focus on the details of the interior and exterior, with which you change the representation of friends on the dugout as dull cellar. Fancy Windows, decorative fence at the entrance — and here you have Snow in your quiet forest shelter...

5. "Lisya Nora" it is Worth remembering also about the diked house (it is also called Fox hole). This house may be recessed slightly, to be fully land or to combine land and diked parts.

Such a construction is suitable for any terrain and any terrain, adapting to it, repeating its shape. These homes are perfectly interact with the environment, and the earth covers them like a blanket protecting from the cold and wind.

Unlike dug, diked house you should call a mound of earth (it is even possible to attach to the hill that will serve as a natural fence). In fact, "hobbit hole" it is reasonable to consider a variation on this theme.

Diked building does not occupy much space, and the ground next and it can be used for planting strawberries, raspberries and flowers, turning your home into a real blossoming flowerbed.

Perhaps a dugout or "Fox hole" you will have no scary rise in temperature — in this house you can forget about the heat, and the need to install air conditioning. It will remain zero temperature, which will reduce heating costs in the winter. The walls of the house always breathe, from year to year it becomes more durable due to the fact that the earth is compacted, the upper layer is held together by roots and rhizomes of herbs. If you make a correct ventilation, dampness also can forget.
In fact, ideas about how cheaply and quickly to build a small house – hundreds! Just need the time and desire to understand, to choose the appropriate method. And then to call friends and acquaintances and start building. After all, if you think about it, people used to built their houses without construction companies, loans and catalogues.
The terrain itself dictates that it is better to build on the site: the contaminated area – go for the bottles; the hilly terrain – "the hobbit hole" or "Fox hole"; many clay soil of the earth...

Minded it is easy to find online; helping each other to build, you will gain experience and acquire new friends. And don't forget: you can always transform planned or even under construction the house with original ideas. It is not necessary to spend millions to build — sometimes only a few parts of the vending projects (for example, the unusual shape of the Windows and doors) can inspire creativity, make something new that will change the appearance of the structure.published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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