Eco Museum in the French Rene

Eco Museum in the French Rene — it's not just the building from all points of view are environmentally friendly, but also has a very interesting shape. About the building of the Eco Museum say it is not "sustainable architecture", but rather "organic architecture". Besides the fact that the building does not harm the environment, it is built only from natural materials.

The Museum was created to, among other things, to remind people that it is possible to build a fully "natural" building, located in direct contact with nature. His design was engaged in Studio Guinee Potin Architects from Nantes, which includes the architect Herve Potin and artist Anne-Flore Guinea. Their work, in which they presented their vision of an Eco Museum, won in the announced in 2006, the competition. In January 2010, the Museum was officially opened to visitors.

In the building there are galleries with permanent exhibitions (talks about there being an ancient settlement Bentine (Bintinais), with a history spanning five centuries), meeting rooms and offices. An eco Museum is a great center where tourists, children, students organized various activities and studies in the history of ancient peoples.

Therefore, the building itself is considered as a kind of "exhibit" - Museum staff use it to show that the development of civilization should not proceed in opposition to life, but rather in harmony with nature.

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