Conceptually, the LG Triptych, a hybrid of phone and tablet


Increasing, decreasing — this trend continue to pursue innovative gadgets and all sorts of design, gaining a more serious momentum. So, in the distant future, probably all necessary for human life can fit in a tiny box that click will turn into a spacious house with all amenities. In the meantime, we are content with the development of concepts in hybrids that combine various functions, for example, SmartLogon and tablet, as in the development of the LG Triptych by designer Edward Hale (Edward Hale).

The mobile-accordion remind an advertising leaflet, folded three times. This design, when fully folded, is a conventional touchscreen phone, of all places. But it is necessary to deploy the flaps, and you'll see a compact touch-screen tablet, a full tablet that can replace a netbook on the road or where there is no access to a desktop computer.


Three "leaf" smartfonoplanshet is three full touch screen, which in the finished product will certainly be created based on the technology of AMOLED, the same operating system can be either gaining the latest Android version, or the updated Windows mobile, which is now on everyone's lips.


Fans of multi-function devices, this idea probably will like. Only LG has not yet announced their agreement on the implementation of this concept, so the production was postponed indefinitely.


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