20 unique new buildings on our planet

Present to you the 20 best buildings on the planet that have been built recently, and combine unique technology solutions, creativity and futuristic. New airport terminal in Shenzhen work the Italian Massimiliano Fuksas polutorakilometrovy like a fish, covered with shiny scales hexagonal windows. Opened in late November, the building is striking not only for its size but also futuristic design: daylight effectively penetrates the translucent façade to the interior. Construction of the complex lasted for about four years and cost $ 1, 4 billion. The capacity of the terminal - 25 million passengers a year, this should be sufficient to in the near future to meet the needs of a free economic zone on the border with Hong Kong. However, the architect of the project laid the possibility of further reconstruction of the airport.

Designed by Rem Koolhaas' high-altitude city »De Rotterdam - the most massive building of the Netherlands. Located in the former harbor area of ​​Rotterdam glass wall of the eight units in height a hundred and fifty meters houses a hotel, offices, housing, conference rooms and a shopping center in the podium. The project was developed in 1997, but due to the high cost to begin construction was only after the 2008 crisis. Then, because demand has fallen sharply fell seriously contractor services - and still building at a cost of a whopping € 340 million.

Another building in the Chinese Shenzhen - and again the work of Rem Koolhaas's OMA bureau. As accurately noted the main columnists in the world architecture magazine Mark, 250-meter high building Shenzhen Financial Exchange looks too simple to be the author, but at the same time it is so original, that is unlikely to be subject to follow. The architects OMA raised base built up, turning it into the console, and suddenly got a fresh image of the skyscraper.

The utilitarian character of the building is not a reason to make it boring. Last year, the Swiss Herzog and de Meuron rebuilt Fair Centre in Basel: with fishnet aluminum facade new pavilion of the exhibition looks easily and effectively, and through a passage in the center of the buildings allowed to deploy before a closed complex of the city and create a new public space.

The Swiss project of the Japanese minimalist Shigeru Ban, first experimented with the construction of temporary buildings made of cardboard (one of his works - Pavilion "Garage" in Moscow's Gorky Park). In Zurich, the architect built the Air Headquarters media concern Tamedia. No bolts and concrete: a five-storey office building is built like a constructor, wooden frame, which is draped over a light glass facade. Ironically, Shigeru Ban could not get permission for the erection of this building at home, but traditional Japanese techniques came to a place in Europe.

Along with Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid - the main export product of British architectural: her office with great pleasure that designs luxury deconstructionist building-rides for Oriental despotisms. No wonder that Hadid is the author of one of the most spectacular new buildings in the former USSR. Opened a year ago, the Cultural Center of Heydar Aliyev in Baku - hardly the most interesting museum in the world, but it impresses with its smooth, flowing forms, the creation of which would not be possible without the use of innovative materials.

All 2013 wore Marseille honorary status of European Capital of Culture, and in honor of this event in the city opened MUCEM - Museum of Civilizations in Europe and the Mediterranean, the creation of which began almost a decade ago. According to the Frenchman Rudy Ricciotti, his building was built "stone wind and water", and it's not a metaphor. The museum consists of two cubes: domestic, to the halls of exposure, and the outer - the facade of openwork mesh. Because of this with some angles massive building of fiber-reinforced concrete can be seen through. From the roof of the new building spanned ephemeral bridge to Old Fort Saint-Jean, where the second part of the museum. Pure poetry.

The headquarters of the Norwegian oil company Statoil in the suburbs of Oslo - it seems one of the best office buildings in the world and an excellent example of modern European architecture. Nothing tricky: five elongated parallelepipeds thrown at each other in three tiers, and the internal space between the two glazed. But this is enough to make the whole structure leaves the impression of continuous motion.

Architectural skeuomorph in action. Center for Molecular Science in Melbourne looks like a huge multicolored molecule and educational hierarchy is inherent in the very layout of the building: the bottom - an audience of students at the top - lab scientists. It's not only a spectacular work of local architectural bureau Lyons - in the last few years they have built in the city a number of public buildings, which are folded as if from children's designer.

Dalian International Conference Center - is huge even by Chinese standards sea monster (inside the building in two large and six small rooms can accommodate more than six thousand people), to which the Austrian architects from the Bureau of Coop Himmelb (l) au have spent tens of thousands of tons of steel and the same amount of concrete. However, as well as intended: Dalian experiencing a construction boom, and the city has a strange attraction is a must on the beach. Will the appearance of the building to the Bilbao effect, it is not clear: other Chinese metropolises are also experiencing a construction boom, and prepare their dominance. In Shenzhen there are at least there will be more.

Unusual, but still architecture: British Antarctic station Halley VI resembles a toy train, which is made up of eight cars. Each module has the "legs" of varying length and is mounted on skis - if necessary, the station can be towed to the desired location. Because of the extreme conditions on the establishment of the station building took four years. Among other interesting details - red module located inside a private bar and a billiard room.

Another building Attraction: last year, on the outskirts of Malmö opened one of the biggest Swedish malls. Architect Gert Vingord decided to diversify generally dull appearance of commercial buildings and has decided facade in the form of a piece of melted amber.

Architectural bureau WOHA Singapore specializes in creating "green" buildings. Their latest work - the hotel Parkroyal, along the facade is divided into four tiers of vertical gardens.

The new landmark of Copenhagen - the aquarium "Blue Planet." Architectural bureau 3XN decided one of the world's largest aquariums in the form of a swirling silver volume, reminiscent of an aerial view of either the screw, or a huge whirlpool - the building is located just near the airport of Copenhagen.

It will be strange if the Swiss Max Dudler receives Pritzker Prize: his cold minimalist buildings deserve no less than the work of Peter Zumthor. One of the last buildings constructed by it - the usual concert hall in the small German town of Reutlingen. It looks as if the Soviet Union around 1970, but made much sleeker and much higher technical level. The real art.

Residential quarter «Sliced ​​Porosity Block» in the Chinese metropolis of Chengdu operation Steven Holl. Rugged and broken form of five skyscrapers, massive concrete frame which imposed on the facades - not a whim of a British architect. Firstly, thanks to this solution least buildings obscure surrounding space. Secondly, and most importantly - Chengdu is located in an active seismic zone and unusual solution allows the building block to maintain stability during the aftershocks.

London apartment complex NEO Bankside by Richard Rogers. Author high-Tekov and turned inside out like the Pompidou Center and the Lloyd's building again uses industrial aesthetics, but rather for decorative purposes: located close to the Tate Modern.

Trehsotmetrovoy residential Cayan Tower skyscraper in Dubai - the most massive twisting skyscraper on the planet: the upper floors are rotated 90 degrees relative to the base. This form should help to reduce wind pressure on the building.

New court complex in the Belgian city of Hasselt surprised not so much by its unusual shape, as its ordinariness. This is a normal modern European architecture, which tries to inhabit before wasteland - Palace of Justice built the railway in the former industrial areas. Reflection of a peaceful and prosperous life of Western Europe, nothing more - and it is not surprising that the Russian reality, this average is not possible.

Trehsotmetrovoy London "splinter" of the work of Renzo Piano - the tallest building in the European Union, and one of the most sophisticated, technologically advanced and safest skyscrapers of the Western world, built to withstand a collision with a large airliner. The Shard - a prime example of what should be a skyscraper after September 11.

Source: slon.ru


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