Eco-collection of Andre tan

26 Sep 2012 in the entertainment complex D*Lux in the framework of the Super Woman Club fashion season autumn-winter was officially opened. This time Andre tan has offered its clients and members of the women's club not only stunning style, but also the whole philosophy of fashion and a healthy lifestyle.


The main event of the evening was the presentation of a new collection.Tan — EKO.Ethno. The main theme of this season in the world was the theme of eco-clothing and eco-fashion. Leading designers of the world truly fascinated by the ideas of environmental protection. In Ukraine, the fashion culture in the style of eco marked the beginning of Andre tan, boldly stating – that this is the main trend in the near future. The new ECO collection of the couturier is an amazing combination of simple and stylish cut with incredible colours, and most importantly, the clothes are of natural fibers.


It is worth noting that the modest clothing made from natural fibers, which according to the author is a combination of beautiful and useful, relished his admirers. Inspired by the couturier always promoted a healthy lifestyle. Now, when the opportunity arose to create ethical fashion, he could not pass and used the opportunity. Very happy that more and more people pay attention to environmental problems. Egno new collection in the style of ECO show that useful and beautiful these words are synonyms.



The evening ended with a performance of "ex-manufacturer" Anton Klimik.

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