Adidas has created a new prototype sneaker from ocean plastic waste

While engineers work to find new ways to dispose of at least part of the huge amount of plastic waste from the ocean, some companies come up with new applications for it.

Adidas decided not to lag behind and released a new prototype of sneakers created entirely from ocean debris.

A sample of the Shoe was made of fishing nets of poachers extracted from the ocean, a non-profit organization Sea Shepherd. "This fishing net is tightly cinched the bottom of the sea, almost every passing fish die," says Cyril Hutch (Cyrill Gutsch), founder of Parley for the Oceans, a new nonprofit organization supported by Adidas, which is developing new approaches for reducing waste in the ocean. "This network was confiscated, and we give the material a new life."

To create your own shoes Adidas uses the same innovative technology, which they used for creating Primeknit shoes with zero waste. "This knitting in General, eliminates waste, because you don't need to create patterns like a traditional Shoe," says Eric Liedtke (Eric Liedtke), Executive Board member global brands of Adidas Group. "We use what we need for shoes and nothing is sent to waste."

Currently, the company refers to these sources as fishing nets and marine debris on beaches. Liedtke says they have no problems with the raw materials in order to produce a line of shoes that started at the end of this year.

Of course, they will not use tiny fragments of plastic floating in places like the Pacific ocean, although the availability of new technologies that can change. "If you want to remove that plastic from the ocean, you can spend a few days, and as a result get a small plastic spoon," explains Hutch. "At the moment we do not know the available technology. We believe that now, all we can do is to avoid getting plastic into the system".

The main goal of the program is not only in the processing of plastic shoes, but also to avoid plastic waste as such. Parley for the Oceans is working on the creation of a new technology that intercepts caught in the ocean, plastic debris, and changes.

"We can put an end to plastic pollution only if we are able to reinvent this material," said Hutch. "We need a plastic that does not resemble the existing plastic – with this we have a lot of problems. Plastic has no place in nature, has no place in the belly of the fish, he just has no place anywhere. The only and final solution which will help to stop this ongoing flow of material that never runs dry, is to reinvent plastic." Because without rethinking, plastic will continue to exist in your shoes, which is likely at some point you just throw it and it goes back into the system and potentially into the ocean.

The organization with the help of environmentally friendly chemistry works to develop alternatives to plastic — a material that could dissolve without harm, being thrown out in nature. "This is our vision, but this is akin to landing on the moon," he says. "Now, of course, far. So we do what we can. This means that we are going to clean as much as we can. And it saves lives. Every piece of plastic that we collect, every little piece can save a bird, a turtle and even a whale."

While Adidas only adapts the material, but also eventually to start to include it in other products. "We must not limit yourself," says Liedtke. "We can add it to t-shirts, shorts, all kinds of stuff." published

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