Cottage on the Dutch island

Private residential house with an area of 260 sqm, built according to the project architectural firm De Zwarte Hond the Dutch island of Schiermonnikoog. The building is L-shaped and placed so as to provide a better view of the surrounding landscape. The facade is made of wooden planks of different shades of gray and different widths, thus forming a unique color pattern that will change over time, along with the natural discoloration of the wood. The project involves a number of energy-saving technologies, including high quality thermal insulation, adjusted the location of the building relative to the sun, energy efficient glazing and LED lighting.published

Architect: De Zwarte Hond
Location: Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands
Architects: Henk Stadens, Jurjen van der Meer, Freddy Siekmans, Marek Pronk
Square: 260 sq. m.
Year: 2015
Photographs: Michel Kievits

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