Multicolored beaches

What could be the main association with the beach? Sea / river / ocean, white / yellow sand or pebbles. The sun. Heat. (You can, of course, in the cold, but it's not for everybody and it is not for us). In general, somewhere it is. However, there are enough beaches that are significantly different from those stereotypes.
For example, in color. There are in China Panjin Red Beach, painted in purple color due to algae-sornyaku.Po most of this beach is a protected zone

There are pink beach on Antigua. Very nice secluded beach. And in the Gulf is home to the world's largest population of frigate birds.

This green beach in Hawaii (Papakolea). Here over the color worked special mineral olivine crystal. Another beach of the same color located in Guam.

And as you enjoy this meeting - the Sahara meets the ocean. Sorokakilometrovy Blanchet beach in Morocco in the frame of the sand dunes.

But all this beauty. And there are quite extreme beaches. Well, for example, bovine beach in Goa (India)


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