Odessa beaches (38 photos)

Odessa beaches - it's something: a fantastic hybrid mangy sovdepovskogo sanatorium, frozen in time co-operative mayhem perestroika the late 80s and ... dyavolski beautiful girls without complexes. The first thought that came to me as soon as I was on the beach, was as follows: there is a time machine, and I went back to my childhood!

What I remember Soviet resorts like Sochey and Crimea, as there is a child with her mother and grandmother, so there it stays. Although it took more than 20 years - absolutely nothing has changed. Looking ahead, I stress that I myself for all 4 days stay at the hotel on the beach Langeron so not once bathed. There are a couple of reasons: first, I came to Odessa to see friends and poizuchat controversial Ukrainian-Moldovan border, and secondly, I'm not spoiled the roof of Odessa sea and sun (and now, sitting in 34 degree heat, I dream of the ice period), the benefit from my house to the sea five minutes on foot. Yet this apparent chaos and shabby have their own charm. Here, far from Antalya, here lousy service for big money, crooks are sheared money at every step, and yet ...

As you know from the first lines of this post - I'm not a fan of the sea, because he lived close to the sea for many years. Well aware of those who once a year sees the sea and dreams about it - there is a different situation. Moreover, any different seas, oceans and lakes seen countless, so there is nothing to compare. And that's what I say - you will not find anywhere else so many beautiful girls on the beaches of Odessa. Such concentration thereof. As said, the Georgians, who lived in my hotel: "We have in Batumi is the same sea, but there is soooo girls." We had come to the conclusion that, if removed from the beaches of the female component of the landscape, there will be anguish on the background of the lack of infrastructure, rather squalid conditions and general unkempt. And it is true: like the second largest city in Ukraine and in the recreation area since the collapse of the USSR did not put a penny. For a while, you can pull on the old share, but then what?

Looking at the following pictures, you might think that Odessa beaches packed with vacationers. But it is not. The fact is that all sorts of crooks, kryshuemoe police, has selected most of the beaches and introduced an entrance fee to "furnished areas." But prices have introduced not weak so that the people migrated en masse to those pieces of the coast, where else bespredelschik hand could not reach -

Unwilling to pay for the right to swim in the sea, people have to go down into the water, even here, in a place absolutely not adapted for swimming and even dangerous -

And this is - paid beach, mind you, people ten times less. It would seem that a person has a choice: if you want - to swim for free at another beach, do not want to - go to a paid, where beds and fewer people. That's just about all beaches paid, coast literally sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtraders as pie -


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