Lefkas - Greek Island of Happiness

Now we'll move you to Greece on an amazing island "Lefkada". The name of this earthly gems like the word "White" because on this island you can find a lot of steep white cliffs. However, of particular value for visitors are not beautiful cliffs and wide and long beaches of Lefkada, which is very reminiscent of ocean beach areas.

Lefkada - the islands, to be sure to visit, especially if your goal is to find the best beach in the Mediterranean Sea. Proud rocks that are located on the west coast of the island, as well as the mountainous terrain deterred tourists and, I must say that they are all in vain so afraid ...

This beautiful island boasts a well-developed infrastructure - a lot of decent hotels, cafes, restaurants and eateries.

As for the weather on Lefkada, here, as in other Greek islands of the Ionian Sea was dominated by a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters and hot summers. The hottest month on this island - July and August, the temperature at that time reaches + 35C, in addition, this period was also characterized by high humidity. A great time to visit Lefkada is the second half of September and beginning of October - the air is warm, the sea is well warmed up. Lefkada is also possible to please their presence in April and May, at which time the local vegetation is at its peak bloom, but the sea has warmed up enough.

Generally Lefkada is popular all year round, like tourists, and the Greeks. On this island there are magnificent resorts, the most famous of them are considered Vasiliki - on the south coast and Nidri - on the East. Between these resorts have much in common, but there are some differences, such as the nightlife in Nidri much more active, and the town itself more than Vasiliki. In this case, in addition to Vasiliki beach holiday is famous for numerous declarations of love from admirers windsurfing.

It is worth noting that in the vicinity of Lefkada there are small islands, is considered the largest Meganissi, this cozy and very beautiful island, you can get through the tours. More I want to highlight the island of Kalamos, which is visited by tourists because of the amazing beauty of beach areas.

Yes, Lefkada - amazing island, which has something to brag about, but the main wealth still are beautiful beaches. Incredibly wide and long beach areas, sheltered gentle sand will not leave anyone indifferent. In the relief of the west coast of the island is dominated by huge rocks and as nonstrange best beaches are located right here.

Among the best beach areas of Lefkada often stands Porto Katsiki, where majestic cliffs leave strip of sand between the vertical wall and the blue sea. Second borough of Lefkada, which is remembered for its beauty, called Vasiliki, and the third - the beaches of Nidri, but the season is a lot of people, but if you're a fan stormy life, Nidri - what you need.

If possible, you should carry out the journey on the highway west coast of the city of Lefkada Porto Katsiki, along the way you will meet a number of bathing areas that will be a real discovery for you. The most notable are: the beach near the settlement Tsukulades and Kafisma beach, which is located between the village of Agios Nikitas and Kalamitsi.

Lefkada - island, which is worth a visit, and if you can do it, then do not hesitate to go!


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