Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel - the name of the castle, which is one of the most popular attractions in France. This place is striking in its exclusivity and incredibly fabulous views. Beautiful monastery, perched on a cliff that literally sticks out of the water depths, constitute an incredibly beautiful and stunning sight!

At the top of the cliff, at a height of 80 meters into the sky ascend walls of the ancient abbey, and at a height of 155 5 meters at the end of its spire can be seen gold figure of the Archangel. This is a very beautiful picture!

Mont Saint Michel on all sides protects the sea, the mainland and the island is connected between the 2-kilometer causeway.

As to the origin of this island, there is several versions. One of them, says that in the VIII century after the storm in this part of the English Channel coastline has changed a bit and as a result some of the coastal forests and meadows went under the water, then it was buried with the sand, and the hill became two islands. The largest of them - Mont Tomb now actually bears the name of Mont Saint-Michel, and the second island is called Tombelaine.

With regard to the second version, it says that both rocks were dragged into the sea by some giants - parents Gargantua. Granguze, his father carried the heaviest stone - Mont Tomb and his mother Gargantua, dragged Tombelaine. As a result, the Giants got tired and decided to throw the stones at the shore.

I must say that around the castle of Mont Saint-Michel spun numerous legends. By the way, the Monastery of St. Michael was built quite a long time - from the XI to XVI century. It was founded by the Vikings here, from this place William the Conqueror went to England immediately lived so many kings. As part of the Hundred Years War between England and France Mont Saint Michel in Normandy was the last French stronghold that has not been captured by the enemy ... This castle has never been conquered, he endured a 30-year siege! His second name - impregnable castle. Conquer the castle was only tourists - is annually visited by about three million tourists. As the popularity of Mont Saint-Michel is second only to Versailles and Paris.

Mont Saint Michel was closed back in 1790! Several decades later, there is a danger of criminals and about half a century, the castle became a state prison. In 1863, the year the Mont Saint-Michel experienced a successful restoration, after which he again opened its doors, but this time for tourists.

As for tourists, they are surprised by how architectural delights of Mont Saint-Michel, and that it becomes an island only 2 times a year. And it happens due to the fact that the last time the sea moved away - most of the time the castle is surrounded by sand and only 2 times a year during high tides, he turns into a real island. 1 day the water level rises to 10 meters. In truth, it's incredibly powerful tides, it is noteworthy that during low tide the sea from the coast recedes as much as 25 kilometers!

By the way, if you Mont Saint Michel seems very familiar, it is probably due to the fact that it was a type of fortress of Minas Tirith (the film "Lord of the Rings").

Definitely, Mont Saint-Michel - one of the most beautiful castles, to see which must each of us what we want and you!


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