Matt Damon. Reaching the goal

It has often been among the most-most men in the world. From what? Externally, there is nothing special - so cute guy like once all boys yard: Brown hedgehog hair, blue eyes, upturned nose ...

But Matt never seemed unprepossessing, even next to your bosom friend, the handsome Ben Affleck.

In fact, Matt Damon is a real simple guy: grew up in communal barracks in the Bronx, a childhood dream of big money and world fame and little idea of ​​what it is. Then he seemed higher chic stroll through the area in the parrot scarf that he collected (all - no more than ten dollars apiece).

It is now fashionable any firm is ready to free to send him a complete wardrobe for the opportunity to speak to their customers modestly: "We put Matt Damon." Huge black jeep, security, solid bank account - all signs of a great man there. And in the late 1990s and a friend and neighbor Ben Affleck were utterly desperate young writers.

Together they wrote the script "Good Will Hunting" and tried in vain to attach it at least to some studio. The thirst for fame, lack of money, young enthusiasm, when you have nothing to lose, because the whole life ahead - all pushed to act, they would not be able to make a few years later. They miraculously found out the park, where every morning jogging female agent biggest Hollywood stars arrived there, undressed and began to dive into the lake, which was lying near her way. Two of these lean, muscular, handsome could not attract the attention of the ladies' 30-ty. " She immediately realized that the boys need it, but did not drive. "Just do not swim in such cold - she smiled. - And it will not live up to glory. " Thanks to her, Matt and Ben got a guaranteed participation of stars and removed, finally, a "Good Will Hunting." They are waiting for the "Oscar" for the script, fame, millions of fees ...

Despite the appearance prostetski friends, all was now clear that this special people, just like on the street they do not come out.

Despite the appearance prostetski friends, all was now clear that this special people, just like on the street they do not quit. After Damon nearly severed for souvenirs at the gym, had facilities for training at home, although Matt loved the special atmosphere of the gym with his male solidarity, mutual support, when everyone is ready to help, advise and at the same time not to interfere, you can laugh and talk about baseball. But the glory - it's always alone, he began to understand this clearly when all reached. Loneliness was felt particularly acutely in the moment when he was not yet married and changed girlfriends and Ben suddenly married.

They're almost never parted, competed in purchases, exchanged her friends, Matt save others from addiction, then we define in rehab, then taking away from it - the two of them it was the most sensible. Once their friendship nearly fell victim to love Affleck in sultry, beauty Jennifer Lopez, who was jealous of each post, not something that is a best friend. After parting with Jen, Ben became depressed, lost confidence in the cinema waiting for him one failure after another, and only Matt was next. Exactly to the moment, as Affleck married Jennifer Garner, slender young actress with a mischievous dimples, and no longer need a "nanny", as once called Damon Lopez.

Suddenly he was all alone, though, and tried to enjoy the wealth, furnished leisure sweet signs of life, which they recently with Affleck bragged to each other: Include your doroguschy stereo, poured into a round crystal glass hundred amber drink, thumps on the huge sofa, Put your feet up on the coffee table mahogany ... But strange anxiety was tempted without giving relax. What's next? Is that all what they dreamed of? Somehow, no one warned that achieving the goal, before the tears start to regret his way to it. After all, he was a joy

< Starfall of women

Matt not soon passed the period when not denied to anyone in the attention of the girls, enjoying the girl's excitement around his person. In his garage, but five expensive motorcycles were several exclusive "Ferrari" and "Bentley", but in the bedroom at first there were only stars because while Matt liked the principle of "one movie - one girl," with only a few continued to meet, and after the last shooting day. Winona Ryder was his girlfriend of two years. Ben like it too, even though he had met while with Gwyneth Paltrow, who liked Matt. In order not to quarrel, friends parted with both.

Then Damon is not too good with girls. No, not yet met, gallant was hard to find, but always it was time to say "goodbye" ... he defines this term and decisively tore relations. Nobody wanted to leave with a nice gentle Matt, all fell in love with his charming boyish smile, broad shoulders pumped up, freckles, leaping laughter. Actress Minnie Driver has paid for an affair with him a nervous breakdown, Winona Ryder start abusing booze, Claire Danes still does not want to hear anything about Damon ...

But the sad story of all was gray mouse Odessa Whitmire. Cancelled actress modest assistant Ben Affleck unexpectedly became the girlfriend of Matt Damon. Earlier Odessa forbade myself to think about it, believing that such an unrequited feeling (and it had no chance of being a response, she thought) could break her heart. Matt loved freedom, career, flew from America to Europe twice a week, torn between the shooting and the London theater, and he liked it. But Odessa was a homely, warm, was so focused on him and not on itself (as opposed to female stars), and most importantly - my mother liked Damon ...

Believing in happiness, Odessa considered herself the bride and even persuaded him to buy an apartment in New York. One and a half year relationship, and then he was gone - just like before ran from others. Just do not come when she was waiting for him to celebrate Christmas in their new apartment. Odessa did not know what the reason for this was another "girl from the movie" - Eva Mendes.

Luxury an American of Cuban origin, he had noticed in the movie "Training Day." There, she had one explicit scenes, and Matt, who always treated calmly to the things of this kind, suddenly could not tear myself away from the sight. For a while toyed with the idea to get acquainted with the beautiful, which soon became the face of cosmetics "Revlon", but then left the stupid idea. Suddenly, Eve became his partner in the new comedy "Stuck on You". When the opportunity to spend Christmas with her - the whole length of the Christmas week, from the comfort of a hotel room - he forgot to think about Odessa, waiting for him in a love nest with Christmas turkey in the oven. While Matt was flying on the wings of passion, she packed up and weeping, left.

He did not consider himself ill: the world seemed solid carnival, where he was the king, and the girls - masks in its environment. His love was fleeting and not guaranteed to continue dating. He willingly changed the life changing life partner. Is not that the stars should do?

< Ugar

Midlife crisis caught him early and unexpectedly. At 34, Matt has managed to star in the teen comedy "Eurotrip", in short a guest role for which it was necessary to fly to Miami. Partner was a miracle as well - plump lips, naive eyes, long hair, - in all the splendor of their incomplete twenty years old and self-confidence. Matt seemed to himself beside her seasoned and battered lives. The first time he saw Michelle on preparing for the shoot - she bikini measure, which was to be removed.

- Looks great, Michelle - Matt sent her one of his irresistible smile. - What do you think to stop?
- I guess I did not remove the swimsuit - she said cheekily.
- I - for! - Butted director. - But, baby, then we will have age limits, and studio bosses still all cut out so as not to spoil the cashier.
- She just wants to please us - Matt interrupted. - Is not it?

He waited for her to be angry. Or embarrassed. Blush, run away. After all adult men look at her, all of this themselves, and discuss how nice it would be to strip it all. But this young hussy, for which Hollywood was just a sandbox in the backyard of his home, threw back her head and laughed. She raised her hands, collecting hair in a bun ... Matt could not take his eyes from it. Wardrobe mistress Michelle handed robe, a moment - and the miracle disappeared. There was a pretty girl who sat on a chair, placing himself under the foot, and looked at Damon.

- Look, this is your last movie about Bourne - complete bullshit, - she said. - And you, though, was in Russia? Cool. And I say in Russian, and I know five languages. Our school has had good teachers. Have you graduated? Harvard? Great. But was it worth so hang back, to act in such nonsense as our movie? Hey Jeff - she turned to the director. - Why did you guys write such nonsense?

The wounded laughed. But Michelle did not consider it necessary to lie. She dropped her cues easily, and it was evident that she is absolutely sincere. Matt realized that to get to the sharp tongue is very sensitive to self-esteem, but that it is desirable to show him.
- I agreed only after seeing your pictures, - he said, and with pleasure saw slammed puzzled long eyelashes. - I wanted to meet you. Dinner in the evening?
Michelle easily agreed, but the restaurant was now loosening of friends in wild costumes. Matt ordered the whole company of food and juice.
- Hey, your boyfriend that would treat us this swill? - Twisted little man in a leather black leather jackets.
- Book whiskey - Michelle asked.
- But listen, they are under 21, ...
- But you in fact have - she laughed.

Puzzled Matt made the order. The waiter leaned to his ear and whispered that out of respect for the star perform it, but asks to go along with the guests in a separate room. Because, among other things, guests dressed strongly in style restaurant. They retired, and the fun began. The air was acrid smoke blue, Matt sneak frowned. The girls squealed excitedly guys Basili. Michelle Damon clung to the hot side and constantly put her head on his shoulder.
- You're not angry that I brought them? - Trying to drown the noise, she said.
- Oh, no.
- It's good that you're not a miser. I hate the miser

Matt sincerely glad that did not succumb to the first impulse and shoved company won. Despite the insane friends, Michelle liked him more and more. Even the fact that she was a day without makeup, and now her young attractive face was smeared makeup, eyelids covered thick black shadows, lip bloody smile, not pushed. From it came the mixed aroma of naivety and depravity. As it coexisted in it - is unclear.

- Let's go ride! - Suddenly she cried.
- Ride, ride! - All screamed.

The company poured into the streets, riding motorcycles. Damon arrive by car, had to sit behind Michelle. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pressed against his back, and they rushed to the streets at night with a terrible roar, catching face the wind. It was great, but fears for his life never left him. "Old I, perhaps, become? - Matt surprised. - Well, compared with Michelle, probably "... It turned out that he did not want to risk their lives. But he would never admit it.

They parted company with noisy when in the east already Alel strip sunrise. Matt could hardly stand on their feet with fatigue, and Michelle was fresh as a rose. Crossing the threshold of his house, she again failed to impress him ...

Almost late for work, they broke into the studio in an embrace, catching himself on knowing look. Matt has outdone itself, portraying the "main school rocker" piercings: yesterday's chat with friends otvyaznyh Michelle helped him. Its role was small, had to leave after the shooting. And when he came back from New York after a couple of weeks to get bored, excited, with an armful of roses, she barely recognized him.
- Hello! - Dropped as he ran past. - What are you doing here?

He remained standing, as he watched her slender figure on a motorcycle. Behind Michel was a young guy in a bandana shaggy.
- This is another generation! - Ben urged him then. - For them, all of this - is not a reason for dating ...

< Safe Haven

Life always throws a way out of a difficult situation with the situation - now that Damon knows. The shooting of the unfortunate "Euro Tour", he met a bartender Luciani Barroso, helped feed the film group. Cute Argentinian with black wavy hair and round eyes that sparkled always fun, was only five years his junior, around her mouth going until light wrinkles, pointing to the risible character. Designer by training, she worked in the cafe was a single mother (mother with a daughter), in short, is not a pair of Oscar-winning actor. But Matt enjoyed chatting with her, it's amazing to what it was nice and easy. With it, he seemed back to his childhood, when he was an ordinary Matt from the Bronx. For Odessa it was gods, for Michelle - boring adult tutor, and for a beam - a good guy.

Without realizing it, Matt attached to her, and soon to live without a ray could not. A couple of years they just went to the New York Mayor's Office and signed, and now the couple has three general daughters - Isabella, Gia and Stella.

Matt settled down so that no one even thought does not occur on its possible intrigues. Abandoned expensive suits and cool cars. He simply stretched out in a T-shirt for a walk with the children, not thinking that does not look like a star. Willingly accepts the role for which you want to get fat and bald done.

- It seems that I'm not very similar to the character - he laughs, and it is clear that he totally does not care. Although not entirely, of course.
- With the birth of my first daughter, I noticed that began to miss their daily workout. Gradually loses its kind ever running lean and Bourne. Children - is a magnet, which is very difficult to unstick yourself.

This year they were married again, staging a very real wedding - a white dress, bridal bouquet and groom excited. Just to add a little romance in his usual happy family life

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