Chateau Mont-Saint-Michel ...

Chateau Mont-Saint-Michel is probably one of the most beautiful places in France. The island was named after the Archangel Michael. Its area is about 55,000 square meters. It is a unique example of a fortified medieval French monastery. Castle impresses with its inaccessibility - if you look at it from afar, it seems that it rose from the depths of the water. The fortress on the island there is a 709 years. Currently, there are about 80 people. Since 1879, the island connected to the mainland by a causeway.

On top of the rock climb walls of the ancient abbey. At its very high above, on the spire, you can see the figure of the Archangel with a sharpened sword. In zhmuschihsya to each other old houses people live like in a fairy-tale kingdom. In our post collected stunning photos of the castle of Mont-Saint-Michel, after watching that you may want to see it with my own eyes.


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