9 unique city, which in itself is an attraction

Sometimes that attraction is not just any urban object, and the city itself. We have compiled 9 of the most unusual cities in the world, which is certainly worth a go if you are afraid of the noisy and crowded Paris, Amsterdam and New York.

Palmanova, Italy In the Italian city of Palmanova is difficult to get lost, even to tourists who walk through its streets for the first time. After all, this town has perfect symmetry and well thought strukturu.

It was built during the reign of Venetian Republic as the ideal and impregnable fortress town. On the map of Palmanova has the shape of a star with nine rays, each of which is a defense bastion, spanning two sosednih.

The inner space of the fortress to settle in the form of three circles of streets located around the hexagonal central square. Since the beginning of the seventeenth century, when Palmanova was built, the city is the same size and the same number of residents - slightly more than 5 thousand people

Setenil de las Bodegas, IspaniyaGlavnym architect town Setenil de las Bodegas in the Spanish region of Andalusia is the nature itself. After all, its historical part is literally under a rock. At this point, rocky outcrops form a natural cavity within which at the beginning of our era began to settle lyudi.

The current construction podskalnoy city of Setenil de las Bodegas dates back to the twelfth century. This town attracts tourists not only for its unusual location, but also excellent locally produced wines.

Monsanto, PortugaliyaNaselenny item with the name Monsatu considered the most Portuguese village in the whole of Portugal. The spirit of old and traditional values ​​remained there even a good idea at the beginning of the twenty-first veka.

But people go to Monsatu, primarily because of the unusual location of the village. After all, it is built on a slope, littered with huge boulders that have become an integral part of the lives of local naseleniya.

Monsatu residents built their houses in the middle of these huge stones, sometimes by making them a part of your home - wall or roof

Mont Saint-Michel, FrantsiyaGorodok Mont Saint-Michel, with a population of a few dozen people is one of the most visited tourist destinations in France. After all, it is picturesquely situated on a rocky island off the coast Normandii.

This settlement has existed since the beginning of the eighth century, being since then an important center of pilgrimage, and now tourism. People of the Middle Ages saw in this place a real abode of God - is so incredibly magical and looked the city of Mont-Saint-Michel and the Catholic abbey in nem.

But now the Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places on Zemle.

Drvengrad, SerbiyaNebolshaya village Drvengrad in Serbia was built just a few years ago, the efforts of one man - a famous film director Emir Kusturica. Initially, it was the scenery for the film "Life is a Miracle", but at the end of the production process, it was decided to keep everything as it is, and to organize on this site ethnovillage.

In Drvengrad has everything you need for life: shops, cafes, a cinema, a church, a railway station, museums, hotels, gym, library. There are festivals and mass celebrations. But all this is designed for turistov.

The only person who can be called a permanent resident Drvengrad is Emir Kusturica himself. The director says that this town was for him a new home after the loss of mental Sarajevo during the war in Yugoslavia.

Varanasi, IndiyaVo many religions have their sacred places and even entire cities. In Hinduism, so it is town of Varanasi, where hundreds of thousands finish their worldly lives annually, if not millions chelovek.

People who feel the approach of death, go to Varanasi to die there and be burned on the banks of the sacred Ganges River. It is believed that an open-air fire in the two crematoria in the city lights without stopping for several thousand let.

At the same time fading away the dust of the dead over the Ganges, which, however, does not prevent other pilgrims bathe in the muddy, dirty waters of the river.

Funfua, KitayNebolshoy town Funfua rightly called the "Venice of China". Of course, it does not have an extensive network of canals, the town is situated on both banks of the meandering river. But visually Funfua, of course, is very similar to Pearl Adriatiki.

Funfua remained one of the few towns in China, where the historic buildings are well preserved - buildings, bridges, mills. At the same time tourists are expected not only to scenic views and local cuisine, and a walk along the river on the traditional Chinese junks boats that replace the Venetian gondoly.

Shibam, YemenEsche in the sixteenth century, when New York City did not exist, in what is now Yemen has started to build high-rise buildings, which are now called neboskrebami.

ramparts surrounded the city in the desert did not have any other opportunity to grow but up. And because local residents began to build houses up to 11 floors, that by the standards of that time was a real chudom.

Now Shibam left more than 500 "skyscrapers", the height of the largest of which is 30 meters. Surprisingly, the basic building blocks of high-rise buildings is clay. But in the arid desert, these designs could stand for a few centuries, virtually destroyed.
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