16 incredibly beautiful cities of our planet. From these pictures it is impossible to look away!

Technical progress the last few decades has reached an incredible speed. On the possibilities that it opens up a modern man can talk endlessly. Thanks to new technologies people are building construction, which in its beauty and durability can compete even with the creations of nature. Some modern metropolis can be considered a masterpiece of architectural thought and spend hours admiring their spectacular views. A picture of the city at night with lots of glowing lights make the heart beat faster, even for those who do not consider myself a romantic. In this collection are pictures of the most beautiful cities in the world and some facts about them. Enjoy the view and to choose where to send the nearest holiday.

Rio de Janeiro
The city is relatively small, but is located in a very picturesque corner of South America. The whole world knows about it through traditional Brazilian carnival, celebrating the New Year on the beach and the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Pearl of Japan until recently was considered the most populated city in the world. This metropolis boasts 15 buildings higher than 200 meters. Among them stands out tower, which rises up almost 333 meters, and changes color every night. At night, thousands of buildings of Tokyo neon shimmer, creating an incredibly beautiful sight.

Another place on our list - the biggest city in Canada. Toronto has 7 buildings higher than 200 meters.

This Canadian city also deserves the title of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Skyscrapers are not there, but Vancouver three times a winner in the nomination "The best city in the world" according to the publication The Economist.

Chicago is known worldwide as the "City of skyscrapers." This name was given to him not because of the number of high-rises, where there is really a lot. The fact that in 1885 it was in Chicago was built the world's first skyscraper. From that moment began a massive building of such buildings all major cities of our planet. In the list of the tallest buildings occupied by three points Chicago skyscrapers.

New York
It is a true paradise for architects. A huge number of different shapes skyline gives the city a unique charm. In New York, as many as 44 buildings exceed a height of 200 meters. Unfortunately, the list does not include the destroyed September 11, 2001 the twin towers. It houses a business card of the USA - Statue of Liberty, and the UN headquarters.

San Francisco
The city is relatively small, but it has some pretty interesting sights. The most famous of them - the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, the former in the recent past an impregnable prison. Who is the legendary island of pleasure attracts tourists from all over the world.

This enigmatic Italian city at all times attracted travelers with its historical sights. The most famous of them - this, of course, the Colosseum.

The most beautiful city in Spain with unparalleled architecture. Due to the unusual placement of the streets, the city has a pretty interesting view from the top.

The city, which is fundamentally different from any other city on the planet. Built on the water, it is one of the most romantic places in Europe. The role of public transport where boats operate gondola and water bus - vaporetto.

This is one of the oldest cultural centers of Europe. It is in Florence, which is sometimes called a city-museum, born Italian Renaissance.

The highlight of this capital city just as the absence of skyscrapers. The tallest structure in Paris - the Eiffel Tower. It plays the role of a business card in France. Land City skyscrapers prevent the city government, which set out to leave the historic center of Paris intact.

On the territory of the European capital can contemplate almost all architectural styles dating back to the Middle Ages. London is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. It can be seen on the screen saver beloved by many British TV series "Sherlock».

This German city is called the "European of Chicago." It is in it is concentrated the largest number of skyscrapers in Europe. Very interesting to see the contrast, which is created in the center of the city of modern buildings standing next to old buildings.

Well-known Chinese city is very similar to his views the space station. From its origins, many modern processes of the global economy, as well as examples of modern architecture.

The most rapidly transforms the city today. His poor suburbs still can not boast of beautiful buildings, but the city center, the development of which sheikhs are investing millions of dollars in front of me. Already 35 skyscraper in Dubai topped the height of 200 meters.

This collection - only a small part of the story of the most beautiful cities of our planet. All of them deserve to ever visit them and see all the sights near. Besides visiting the places recommended by tourists, it is important to allocate free time to just walk around the city. Only then will feel its unique atmosphere, which will not be repeated in any other part of the world. If this information was interesting for you to share these photos with your friends.

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