This dog has remained loyal to his master even after his death. Very heartfelt story ...

The death of the host - it is a tough day in the life of any dog. However, some breeds are experiencing the loss is particularly acute. If the owner was a whole world for pets, after its loss of a dog does not know what to fill the void and try to stay as close as possible to a deceased friend. This incident occurred in one of the Serbian towns with a German shepherd. After the loss of the owner she was left to guard his peace at the tomb.

Employees of the cemetery say that faithful companion every day come to the grave, was excommunicated from there only to find food. And with the onset of bad weather, the dog has equipped itself a small shelter next to the tombstone.

repeatedly wanted to take her to the cemetery, but the Shepherd came up against all the forces and will certainly return to the resting place of his master. Over time, the workers left the cemetery trying to discourage the dog from the grave. Shepherd became a kind of symbol of love and devotion, to which only the ability of animals.

This incredible story just goes to show what can be loyal dogs towards their owners. If you are touched by reading these lines, you will certainly share them with his friends.

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