This conquistador

Happy all, gentlemen! All we are doing with their pre-New Year chores. Grub on the table, the best New Year's route, one that does not miss. Of course, gifts. And the only real conquistadors Andrey and Nastya far from the fuss. They move according to the approved route of conquest of South America. Gifts - gifts, but the thing first. Ahead of Brazil. It is vast and diverse. Amazon jungle, Copacabana Beach, but a lot of interesting and different.
We are in the penultimate point of our journey. This city Florianapolis. Everything you need to know about it, is that there are the best beaches of Brazil (even better than in Rio, yes), perfect weather and good mood.
And yet, on the way from Curitiba in Floripu (an abbreviation Florianapolisa / Florianopolis) I first saw 100km plug on a 4 lane highway. We were traveling at a speed of 10.5 kilometers per hour. As a result, 300 km between the cities we have overcome for 8 hours. It turned out that many Brazilians would like to greet the new year here ...
Here and we will celebrate the New Year in the company of Brazilians from different parts of this great country: some of the capital, part of the San Paolo, a part of Floripy. The company should be good. We will try to improve it, or at least not spoil.

In general, all will be described in detail. And yet - a few photos of Iguazu.


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