Preparing for an earthquake (14 photos)

The author says that according to official information on the Kamchatka Peninsula is a devastating earthquake, which should happen in the next two to three years.
In the city work to strengthen homes for several years.
Look how it happens.

1. First - about the technical side. At home (only strengthen exposed Khrushchev) hollow out holes, in order to introduce new design elements into contact with the panels at home.

2. Then the entire area of ​​the wall of the house is cleaned of plaster, fixed in her design of the fittings, and mounted formwork. Pour the concrete in stages, lifting formwork.

3. The design of such ribs - from the bottom, they are wide, narrowing to the upper floors.

4. The ends of the house reinforce monolithic concrete "area."

5. Along the walls of the entrance give it an edge. The door is obtained under the protection of monolithic walls.

6. Sharp edges seysmoukrepleniya not add comfort yards. However, a better house and uncomfortable than it ruins. This image can be called "seysmopank."

7. While there is seysmoukreplenie, life does not stop. People will not evicted (and where they are resettled?), They continue to live their lives. Window shutters and balconies, probably, do not open - dusty. Stores also continue to trade.

8. When the ribs at the house ready to start decorating. In this photo, though bad, but it is clear that the top of the ribs are fastened some ropes.

9. After finishing work is completed, the house looks like.

10. Now a little about what areas to strengthen, and there are any. I will start from afar. During his second term, Putin was coming to Kamchatka, and in one of the camera malosemeek chastised then Governor of poor performance. He gave instructions in his usual manner, and hinted that he would check. So, I noticed that the first objects seysmoukrepleniya were just on the way to the house, in which the separation occurred. However, if you look inside the region, we see that all the other rows of houses were unfortified.

11. By the way, the photograph 9 that the stiffener is noticeably smaller than at all the other photos, and in no way secured (do not think they house naskovz drilled). Nanotechnology seysmoukrepleniya are different, apparently. It is unclear what will happen to these houses, which stand above - whether they will settle, or will continue to be strengthened. All cases strengthen the homes - in the Oktyabrsky district, it is considered younger. In the Leninsky district, an older home will not strengthen - its cheaper to demolish and build new ones in return, that happens. Here is an example of houses on one of the oldest streets in the city - Ryabikovskoy.

12. Ryabikovskaya - one of the most depressed areas of the city. Low-cost housing, many inherited a legacy; widespread alcoholism, street crime. In the 90s there was a rumor that the pair of goblins on Ryabikovskoy killed and ate his classmate. Of course, not all the people there are - do not compile correctly; but the total energy, when to call in the area - depression. Apartments buy it only when there is no money for an apartment in another neighborhood. Several houses on Ryabikovskoy already settled, and settled into the freshly built home residents in the Northeast, the youngest area of ​​the city. It is said that the total arrears of rent from new homes already are the same as were the old - million. No matter how to move, but the mentality is the same ...

13. However, I want to finish on an optimistic note. City, though experiencing problems, yet is built and grows. And build housing that does not require seysmoukrepleniya. The typical form is now on the upper Northeast of here is a

14. This, comrades, is encouraging in a happy future! And finally, a bit of romance Kamchatka (Bay near the entrance of Lenin Collective farm)



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