Earthquake in Haiti five days

The security situation in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, where Tuesday's devastating earthquake, continues to deteriorate. Frequent cases of looting, robbery, fire and chaos prevented rescuers to carry out the work and distribute humanitarian and medical aid. Authorities were not counted 4,000 prisoners from the central prison of the city, destroyed by an earthquake.

The UN called the earthquake in Haiti, "the worst disaster", which had to deal with the organization, because of the complete incapacity of the local administration and the lack of any infrastructure.

A woman prays during Mass, which is carried out near the ruins of the main cathedral in the city of Port-au-Prince. About one hundred people took part in Sunday Mass next to the cathedral, which was completely destroyed by the earthquake on Tuesday. (AP Photo / Gregory Bull)

People gather among the debris on a street in Port-au-Prince. (AP Photo / Ramon Espinosa)

Old man who lies next to the destroyed building of the nursing home, fed breakfast, which consists of a few nuts. More than 100 old men and women, now living near the ruins of a nursing home, which was destroyed in the earthquake on Tuesday. Residents of nursing homes were left without food or care. From time to time they are helping two orderlies who remained with them. (AP Photo / Julie Jacobson)


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