How to make Haiti

Write down the recipe. We take as a basis the devastation Somali from Mogadishu, and mix it with mud Kabul. You add schipotku Indian stench, two handfuls of Congolese from Kinshasa savagery, a little anger from Côte d'Ivoire. Now add the Nigerian traffic jams. Decorate the dish painted buses from Pakistan, a couple of drops of corruption in Russia ... now put on low heat and pour sauce of endless natural disasters, famine and coups. M-th-th-th-th! You see? We get to Haiti!

Before, when I wrote about some country "ass of the world", the commentary came disgruntled readers, and was told that I was specifically looking for a pig and dirt. Haiti will not happen. Haiti - avowed ass world. So always write "Haiti - one of the poorest, unstable countries, the poorest country of America." Or "poor state of the economy in terms of the Western Hemisphere and one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world" - all about Haiti. The main revenue budget - money that Haitians fled send less agile relatives.
Is there anything than can be proud of this state? Of course have! The Republic of Haiti became the second after the United States as an independent state in the Americas and the world's first republic led by the blacks. Success!
A bit of history. Once upon a time Saint-Domingue (Haiti's former name) was considered the "Pearl of the Antilles" - one of the richest colonies of the French Empire. Colonia provide the whole of Europe with sugar and coffee. The French brought here 800,000 slaves from Africa. White had about 30 000 was still a layer of "free colored", mostly the children of the French African concubines. In the late 18th century mulatto demanded equal rights with whites. Thus began the first Haitian Revolution.
After a failed uprising mulatto slaves revolted already. After 10 years, in 1801, the rebel leader Toussaint Louverture abolished slavery, white planters and land became the property of the Negro elite. Another 2 years France tried to regain control of the colony, but to no avail, and January 1, 1804 Haiti declared independence.
The first step is an independent state cut out all white. Well, after that it started the construction of the African state with endless military coups, rebellions, dictatorships and revolutions. Last revolt was 10 years ago, then had to introduce international forces.
In 2010, a country attacked by a new problem - a terrible earthquake. You might remember him. Then killed, according to various estimates, up to 300 000 people. The whole country was destroyed. Haiti was reduced over the world, but did not. All assistance plundered, and the country still stands in ruins. Following the earthquake the country a cholera epidemic. Ironically, the local epidemic accused UN peacekeepers on the basis of which the organization was to demand monetary compensation. Haitians, of course, sent.
It's time to make a song about "The Island of bad luck ...", but Haiti takes up less than half of the island. East neighbor, the Dominican Republic, a very good feeling: hundreds of thousands of tourists, luxury hotels, restaurants, good roads. And on the west of the island - Haiti ass world, stinking, dirty, poor country.

We fly to Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital.

The pilot makes a circle over the city of two million, showing that nothing but slums there. Note that in the slums are almost no cars, the poor residents can not afford an individual wagon.

Suddenly one of the passengers still do not know where came. The whole city - thousands of one-storey houses, tents and landfills. The pilot was landing over the center of the city.

I came out of the plane ... Hmm ...

The whole city is enveloped by the stench of rotting garbage. Rubbish is simply stack up on roadsides, thrown into rivers and parks. Even then, in the hotel, I'll be an hour to wash the smell of Port-au-Prince. Shitting Haitians, like the Indians, where the itch.

Main street.

The main mode of transportation - pickup trucks converted under the bus. To not particularly stand out from the crowd, I rented a truck for the day.

He rode in the back, very easy to shoot. The driver, not surprisingly, turned out to be stupid lazy asshole. The average salary of a driver in a month - less than $ 100. I agreed to $ 50 in 6 hours! It seems to be glad and the city vozi per passenger. But no. The driver the whole way whining about the tubes, about expensive gasoline, about the fact that he was tired, he was hot, he is hungry, etc. Any request had to be repeated 5 times, each time he was doing me a great favor. The driver saw my face wealthy white exploiter, which his grandparents not dorezali in 1804. The driver felt that I owed him something for all the suffering and hardships that have befallen his people. At the end of it for some reason, I decided to bring me to the airport 2 hours before, motivating the decision by fatigue and the need for a nap after lunch. I had to wear a mask of white exploiters and popular to explain that he was a little insolent. All at once realized and past 2:00 dutifully drove through the city. Surprisingly, some people do not understand the normal relationship.

Refuel in the streets singed or stolen gasoline.

City longer looks like a dump.

Undetermined buildings, tents, squatter ...

After the earthquake was almost nothing left. New buildings have, but they can be counted on the fingers.

One of the main streets.

Lanterns in the city there is only a small section of the road near the airport.

In the most crowded places of the road pavement is separated by concrete blocks.

Instead of Christmas trees at crossroads are here such structures from debris.

In 2010 there was a terrible earthquake. This is a local presidential palace before and after the disaster.

There was nothing to restore, and the palace was demolished. It took four years, but in place of the palace is still a wasteland. Still stand lonely crooked lights and palm trees. If not even the presidential palace was restored, then what about the rest of the country.

In 4 years ago destroyed the churches are now inhabited by people.

The city still lies in ruins after the war.

Posters with computer graphics promise that things will get better soon, and something to build.

International organizations have allocated money to rebuild Haiti, but the money was stolen. What a surprise ))).

The British gave Haiti toilets.

Chinese - tents.

The Americans sent food. From bags to get comfortable and durable bag.

People still live in tents. At one time, good international organizations began to build beautiful houses for homeless Haitians. Haitians realized that you can continue to live in tents and houses to rent or sell. White realized that Haitians hopeless, and they stopped building houses.

Huge tent camps around the city.

The younger generation, those born in the tents.

The streets of Port-au-Prince.



The driver asked me what I interesting to see. "As ordinary people live" - ​​I replied. The driver was surprised and took me to the slums.
I bring up it to some poor areas and said: "There has not come in, there is danger." Of course, I did not believe it. "Okay, but you better leave the backpack in the car" - said the taxi driver. And here I stood in front of a difficult choice. The backpack was a wallet with all the cards and money were all my passports with visas, I had a laptop. On the one hand, to keep it at an unknown taxi driver was dumb. On the other hand, the taxi driver made a doomed look, I realized that I will go out of these slums naked. I decided to leave the pack and the taxi driver took only a camera and a phone. For myself, I have decided that if they rob, you need to quickly remove the stick and give the camera.

I went for a walk on the slums of Haiti. You can not imagine what a joy. Yesterday leash family holiday would not let me on PUPS hotels and beaches of the island paradise. And this morning I put my wife on a plane to Moscow - and here I am in the slums of Haiti! True freedom. I'm like a fish out of the aquarium which is released into the sea like a penguin, who learned to fly like Navalny, who was released the next day after signing.

I come back in an hour. The driver bit ofigel, I went back to the camera, but did not try to serve. But his eyes! They were the eyes of a man who stuck an hour ago in a hot oven duck now gets her, and she looks at him and says: "Quack-quack-quack!»

All garbage dumped into the river, both in Kabul.

Street art.

The same houses that were built by foreign organizations.


The whole city trades. Traditional African landscapes.

A man burning plastic and rubber in a barrel, he melts aluminum cans in a saucepan.

Local architecture


People here are quite aggressively react to the camera. You have to shoot in secret.

Wash children and wash clothes in a basin.


For days the city is in terrible traffic jams.

The reason for that - the sheer havoc with traffic. Machines are constantly stopped, planted passengers go where he wants. No rules.

You'd be surprised, but there is nothing to do here.

Advertisement painted on the walls.

Local toy.


The main achievement of the country - freedom from slavery. The plot to break their chains slave found everywhere here. Freedom from slavery here for 200 years to justify laziness and raspizdyaystvo. This is about how we, "We won the war and flew into space, now we all have to do something!" Haitian still sits on the dusty roadside of history in its 19th century and shouted: "Hey, white, you owe me!" Unfortunately, compassionate Europeans it works, and the airport is constantly fly planes with humanitarian aid.

Do not think that everything is right quite so bad. There are in fact people who distributes humanitarian aid and loans. They are all very good.

At the site of the Government of Haiti, I have launched an advertising campaign "Haiti - Little Africa in paradise!" Extreme tourism for Americans who fly away to the real Africa. In general, to create a paradise on the Caribbean islands this huge black african ass - a must try. Have turned Haiti.




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