Little Haitian gained a new family

While Haiti continues to chaos, a little girl has found a new family. Claire Little Haiti for seven years, she arrived at the Sacramento International Airport, along with their new parents Scott and Debbie Bridittski. The couple met with Claire three years ago during a visit to Haiti with a church group and has since tried to adopt her. This girl - one of the dozens of orphans, transported from the earthquake-destroyed state.

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1. Seven Years Claire waving the escalator their new sisters and brother at the airport in Sacramento. (Anne Chadwick Williams)

2. The 15-year-old Brandon, 22-year-old Ashley and 25-year-old Danielle Bridittski welcome their new sister from Haiti to the airport

3. 22-year-old Ashley (left) and 25-year-old Danielle welcome their new sister - 7-year-old Claire

4. Scott and Debbie Bridittski arrived at the airport of Sacramento with her adopted daughter, 7-year-old Claire. The couple tried to adopt a girl for almost three years. When the earthquake happened, the process was almost completed. (Anne Chadwick Williams)

5. From left to right: Scott and Debbie Bridittski and their children 25-year-old Danielle, adoptive 7-year-old Claire, a 15-year-old Brandon and 22-year-old Ashley. To pick up Claire, they were trying to adopt for three years, parents flew her in Haiti. Since the devastating earthquake of dozens of orphans were able to leave the island. (Anne Chadwick Williams)

6. Adoption Haitian Claire opens gifts at Sacramento International Airport, while her brother Brandon puts her backpack stuffed moose. Seven of Pine Lake at the airport greeted relatives and friends literally inundated with a new family member Bridittski gifts. (Anne Chadwick Williams)

7. The 7-year-old Claire Bridittski (now) cuddle plush toy, which she has just presented


9. Adoption family Bridittski 7-year-old Claire from Haiti responds to the rain at the Sacramento International Airport. She sits on his hands older sister Danielle, in the center - the middle sister, Ashley, and the right - the 15-year-old brother, Brandon. The girl was not used to such weather, Haiti, much hotter. (Anne Chadwick Williams)

10. The 7-year-old Claire Bridittski leaving Sacramento airport with his new family. In the hands of an older sister Danielle Claire goes to his new home in Pike Lake, where she will have a private bedroom. (Anne Chadwick Williams)



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