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Good day. A little (only 10) facts about food, cooking.
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Until the mid-19th century served in restaurants immediately ordered all the dishes - such method of service is called 'service à la française' («the French system"). In the 1830s, France has visited Russian prince Alexander Kurakin restaurateurs and taught in other ways - serving food gradually, in the order they appear in the menu. The modern restaurant, such a system is the most popular and is called 'service à la russe'.

2.Kolonizatory and missionaries in South America met in the 16th century animal capybaras - a rodent, a leading semi-aquatic lifestyle. They asked the Pope to announce capybaras fish to its meat could be eaten during fasts, to which he kindly gave his consent.

3. In China, has long loved to regale crocodile meat. On the banks of the Yangtze caught small crocodiles and fattened them until the tail does not reach the desired length. Thus, getting a pet reptile, moreover, performs the function of a watchdog. The fact that a crocodile was kept at the entrance to the courtyard in the box like a doghouse, where he was chained tightly back foot for quite a long chain.

4.Upotreblenie eating cakes or buns with poppy grains can cause test positive for drugs in the blood.

5. In the Nordic countries are common dishes from rotten or fermented fish. For example, Icelandic hakarl dish prepared from rotten shark meat, and Swedish surströmming - of sour herring.

6.Syr camembert should be eaten as close to the expiration date, but in no case after that date.

7.Odnazhdy young doctor, who was invited to the Russian hopelessly ill boy, let him have what he wants. The boy ate pork with cabbage and, to the surprise of others, began to recover. After that incident the doctor ordered pork with sauerkraut German boy sick, but he had eaten, died the next day. According to one version, this story is the basis of the appearance of the phrase "that Russian well, the Germans - death."

8. When the sugar appeared in Europe, it was a luxury. To illustrate his position, rich people become fashionable to have black teeth.

9. In the EU law are considered to be fruit tomatoes, rhubarb, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, melons, watermelons and ginger. This law allows legally produce and export manufactured from these plants preserves and jams which, according to the rules of the European Union, can only be made from fruit.

10.Samym delicacy in Japanese cuisine is a puffer fish. However, if improperly cooking eating this fish can cause fatal poisoning. Scientists found that the toxicity of the puffer fish is not due to innate properties, but only her diet - sea stars, shell, from which she gets poison. If you feed it a non-toxic food, deadly poison in it did not appear. However, this discovery did not cause joy chefs and owners of Japanese restaurants. After serving fugu is very expensive and it attracts tourists the opportunity to experience the thrill and no danger can significantly reduce the price of food.




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