Family life like an expensive car— if the desire is not fulfilled, it means it has not been paid

Agree on every significant issue in the life of the necessary resources. At least this time and effort, but most need more money, connections, knowledge and much more. If you decide to buy a car, you have to face certain limitations: selective and economical mode of spending, no other significant purchases in favor of the desired vehicle, the more work credits.

And when the car is purchased, then it will need another garage or Parking space, maintenance, payment of taxes, regular inspections and repair, payment of interest on the loan, there might be unexpected costs like fines.

It is assumed that all of these financial and emotional investment in the vehicle is more than compensated by providing the owner with a high level of comfort in movement and partly by increasing its "status" in society. Someone buying is easier, someone heavier, and if you take a closer look at other areas of life, you will notice that they all arranged on a similar principle.

Want to buy new furniture, you need to figure out what to do with old, but if not, then the choice of variety on the market models also presents some difficulty. To choose one thing, we have to give up everything else.

In favor of the wife or husband refuse to have potential relationships with other women or men, one engaged in business, from other refuse, house to buy in one point of the globe, because to live simultaneously in ten locations will not work, and if you try, the more time you spend moving and unpacking suitcases.

Note that any work or acquisition is possible only when the accumulated excess funds and resources. Was saving for a house, cottage, car, have accumulated money, then bought. Bought a house, repair no money, what do we do? Yes, again, hoard, or take the credit or the loan, but it will have to pay anyway, so with the restrictions we have to face if not before, then after the acquisition.

But if you have no funds to buy a house or at least your initial Deposit, who you sell it? Money to loan give, but put tough conditions and on terms and interest, and if suddenly will not be able to fulfill the obligations that a new home will go to pay off the debt, and you will need to define resources.

In the world of goods, this situation seems logical, isn't it? First, get the money to buy, and then come to us for the goods, but take care in advance if you think you need it. Want as much as anything, wanting to buy a car, an apartment, appliances, a certain level may be many, but those who can afford to purchase is actually much less.

And what happens in relationships, don't they require the accumulation of resources to be able to start and maintain? The birth of a child, for example, requires parents significant resources in the form of time devoted to the child, energy and effort spent on maintaining a relationship with him, as well as money because the baby needs clothes, toys, stroller or sling, and much more.

And often it turns out that the child comes into the family, but resources are scarce. The money may be there, but time and energy on it no, it's a long term project, with the child need to go to the zoo, do homework, chat about the world, and here on all this time to find if the parents day and night money for a living?

Many people are upset that they did not manage to create a family or to keep it from decay, it is impossible to maintain a good atmosphere in the house, there is no feeling of joy and happiness when we are with family and friends, but if you ask them how much time and effort they invest (or are willing to invest) in my family, which takes the main time of their life, it appears that is not so, they are willing to accumulate resources for a happy family life.

Talk about family problems usually occur in this way: "Oh, well, I still want it, I normally want! Yes, working around the clock, but let the husband/wife will appear first, there is the view. Well where can I meet where to find a husband or wife? I don't have time for all sorts of gatherings!", "What a happy life, if she doesn't want to meet me to go? The wife is not trying, we have so many years together, no novelty, constantly whining, in my family there is no time. Of course not, I work for a new car, should be grateful!" "Transferred normal men the truth! So much work-work, not interesting to me all these pots and cooking, I'm a free woman, I need implementation!"

Well, you do not want any restrictions on themselves to impose, not want to read, to grow, to learn, to learn to build relationships, engage in health to conceive children, at least temporarily unload your schedule from full-time work and don't, who make you can?

But you'll have to determine what then you want? I want a happy family life, well, then think about what it's an expensive car. In the meantime, without making any effort, you can save for it? If you can, then fine, continue to live how you live, but if the level of your internal resources does not "pay" the desired purchase, it makes sense to think about the limitations.

Can be delayed a tiny amount each month, and then be able to obtain the necessary amount in a few decades, if not satisfied with the terms, will have to work harder. Look closely at your life and tell me honestly, and if there's any place a happy family?

If you live at work, are not in those places where you can meet interesting people, not spend a weekend with husband/wife and children, do not store home spiritual conversations, because very tired, where in this mode of life will have a happy family? You can choose as you like, but "if your desire is not fulfilled, then it is still not paid".

OK, the family needs money, it's all clear. Huts huts, but in every third letter of the same family have no money. But in the earnings of the family should seek, perhaps, not all the time to take in order to earn more money, and how to allocate their zeal to power and communications remain too.

Then what? Knowledge about the relations would be useful. It's not for everyone, of course, but at least a few books, seminars, or lectures about the relationship of men and women, raising children and building a family system would not hurt, I think. Then with the character work would be useful, well, it's very confusing. Patience there things, learn to compromise, willingness to listen and hear person, ability to negotiate and negotiate, to admit mistakes and accept the first from the family and "combat conditions" to develop is not so simple.

Well, with the free time it would be good to make friends, and in the rules, to live, perhaps, but no free time for reflection and rest hard enough to notice that strayed from the chosen course. And a bit of emptiness must be that the family fill. Emptiness not with longing and despair, but in the sense of free space that is supposed to place the desired object.

And what a happy family can be a speech if all your free time doing work, about finances in advance, no one thinks, because "true love is not materialistic", health running is so strong that it is not clear where to start to fix it "about relationships and so all know, the reality is you don't book, don't take my head off!", the character is also "what it is, I will not change, let them adapt" the focus on the family either.

What is there to focus if thoughts soar somewhere in past relationships, the need for love and intimacy are implementing with friends of the opposite sex, the energy poured into the business, the empty space filled with hanging out with an endless stream of different people, but still have a huge number of grievances and complaints to the world?


Mistakes: to appreciate what you have, and those who are with usWhy it is not always necessary to share their joy with others

In this life there is no place for a happy family, nooo its not! Can be angry, you can shout, to say that the world is unfair, "I deserve the best, I deserve this car, because I'm a good person", Yes, the world also thinks you're a good man, and therefore doesn't offer a bad option.

And good options even good people must first accumulate resources. Well, here everything is clear: the accumulated resources got a happy life with family and friends, if this life is not, then go and think where to get them, and then proceed to the process of accumulation.published


Author: Dean Richards




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