If your desire is not fulfilled, it has not yet been paid

Oh-oh, how many letters come about loans, huge debts, business destruction and other financial difficulties. I Read, listen, and understand that it is not only the lack of literacy of handling money, but also overblown desires and inability to compare planned with their real possibilities. What can I say, the financial difficulties much "down to the ground" and forced to deal not only with debts and loans, but also with their inner world.

I agree that it is not too much romance can afford a young family with a child having a debt of several million rubles. Not everyone turns out to be good and sublime, if not eaten for several days, the roof over your head for a long time has been lost, and following receipt of funds is not planned.

Spiritual spirituality, but if the family all day long simply observe the rituals, and the work and support his family, no one wants, then close the day that "marriage shall be broken on the boat of life." Illusions in matters of money and a lot of prosperity in every second letter raised this issue, and many believe that we deserve much more than has to date.

That girl works somewhere in the company for 15-35 thousand rubles a month (depending on the region in which he lives) and takes a loan for a two-week vacation in the 100-200 thousand rubles, it is generally okay to do so? Just turn your head and think, how many months do you have to give it all.

Buy yourself a TV for 70 thousand, telephone 50 and anything else while on the family still hangs 3 credits - car, consumer and mortgage, what is this? And to borrow from someone, to have "stand on its feet and finally live like a normal person," kind of like a worthy occasion to invest, but also in many cases the wrong course at 150-300 thousand fifth degree.

Stories, when a man in a hurry to enjoy the fact that he had not deserved, bring little satisfaction - for a fleeting joy comes a sufficiently long period of reckoning, because the normal algorithm receiving anything in this world is the "first payment / Earn / invest / learn, and then to receive desired. »

You want normal relations with people - first learn to build them, you want recognition in the profession - to develop skills, gain experience and reputation, you want a happy family life - is working on a changing nature, say goodbye to infantilism, become mature. Attempts to build a family life or business to becoming a mature person, you know, to what cause.

And the dress, and phone, and the car can cost thousands, and millions of rubles, it's okay, because in the economic game has several levels, each - their own rules. Yes, there are difficult circumstances in life when medical treatment or some other serious business requires a lot of money, and without loans can not do, but most people are trying to solve its internal problems with material pleasures.

And if a person from one level trying to get the benefit of other, more resource-consuming, it is fraught with serious consequences for him - from poor health to trouble with the law. Before or wish to buy any thing, I invite you to count the number of hours, days or months, during which time you need to work to pay for this wish, and think good, and is it worth it?

Imagine that instead of the price tags with rubles or dollars on things and services are those designations that's "your life is 4 hours", "2 weeks", "7 years". If one dress worth a couple of hours or even a day of my life, but it brings me joy and happiness, why not.

And if it I need to work, let's 8 weeks, you should think about. I'm not going to go in only one dress, but apart from them, and other things needed, but life is not infinite. Hundred of thousands of watches, and maybe even five hundred - the normal amount if you do not have to work for them for a year. Be aware of the absurdity of what is happening! People left and right scatter the young years of his life, but at least, and mature - it does not matter, what matters is that once having made himself a slave of things get difficult

. To save his life only on payment of purchases, you need to build a good foundation to understand what is the true value of your life, and without which any time you can do. I want to have financial freedom, then you should start not with credit facilities, and with having to invest properly in his head, and the nature of time and effort.

Someone hanging out in clubs in a drunken stupor, while you sit and the books read, someone all the throws and is enjoying a new partner, and you are good to the crisis in their own family, wanting to go all out to save it, someone is trying to increase its importance due to the light and life on unearned money, and you realize that not all at once, the harmony at all levels must be earned.

A reasonable understanding is that very few people living at the same time happy, healthy, wealthy and with a loved one close. Most often, success is in one or more areas, but not all, and to live a good and interesting both materially and spiritually, we must work hard.

Yes, it would be desirable and a good husband, and a lot of money, and all at once, but alas, the life force you to ground yourself and show that if you want to love and good relations, prosperity will have to wait. I would like to expensive vacation, well, start delay, and can be, when you are in one or two years have accumulated the necessary amount to spend it on the insanely expensive trip and do not want.

It is necessary to have a habit of work first, and then be willing to enjoy the results, then all and all will be fine.

"If your desire is not fulfilled, it has not yet been paid."

Author: Dean Richards


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