Amazing transformation of stray dogs after they have sheltered

Charitable organization «The Trio Animal Foundation» helps animals who find themselves in a difficult situation. Volunteers Organization rescue animals from public shelters, where they live in appalling conditions, and veterinarians treat dogs and try to find him a new family. Here is the history of the once miserable dogs, on the verge of death, but which at the time rescued and taken to a loving home. Volunteers «The Trio Animal Foundation» learned that the orphanage was abandoned German shepherd with deformed front legs. Volunteers took the dog and started her treatment. A dog named Valentina. Orthopedic surgeon had two operations on her legs, and not looking at the rest of the curvature of the legs, Valentina can now move without pain.

Once the volunteers came across a dog with open wounds all over his body. The dog did not react to the presence of people. Volunteers brought a dog named Farmer to a veterinary clinic, where he underwent treatment. And now the farmer is healthy and ready to find the owners!

Stella left the shelter, just found a new family

This sad dog with scars as volunteers rescued, and she appeared loving owners

Volunteers received a request for help - to save the dog by the name of Shaw. From tight collar had opened a wound in the neck. It was carried out emergency surgery and now Shaw fit!

This Doberman found in the street and taken to a shelter. Later, he became president of the host organization «The Trio Animal Foundation»

Dog Trey also found a loving family

Liv is waiting for new owners

Mystic found near the church, where she was looking for food. We cure her and took the family

And this cute dog from a shelter had been diagnosed with splenic rupture. Most often, this happens after the beating. Underwent surgery and now Amber safe.

Odiyu also taken from the shelter to the family

That pit bull hit by a car. He was all broken, with open wounds all over his body. The Organization is fully paid for his treatment, including physiotherapy. Now he is completely healthy!



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