Ruslan Narushevich: the man is Not merged in the toilet Your best years!

If the love is gone, we must stay together until then, until it again will not return. When love returns, then we have to decide whether to leave or not. This is basic knowledge. Do not consider it paradoxical, or somehow my pop number.

I am aware that said. Lack of love is not grounds for divorce. Lack of love means that you never parted until, yet again, will not feel love to each other. People can break up only when they realized that we love each other, but not enough to spoil each other's lives. That's why I'm breaking up with this man because I love him, because I will not let your loved one to spoil the life of his loved one.


If a woman really tired, just exhausted — she disappears vision of anything positive in a relationship with a man, with whom she lives, because she has an internal "battery" and she can't accept certain traits and habits of her husband. The couple begin to cook the compote mutual poking. The wife the feeling that the years spent in marriage flushed down the toilet. When a woman can not stop my impulse to serve, in its "computer" at first, it burns with an external "battery" that powers the "computer", and then burns the internal soldered in "computer", a little "batareika", which allows her to remember that man is good and meaningful in her life. When it is their stupid service burns both batteries, she really begins to seem that even the good years flushed down the toilet.

So first you need to re-charge the "battery". To see whether or years in vain? Maybe you're wrong. Because as long as you have a computer just a black screen, it does not understand neither Windows nor DOS. He burned the battery. Sometimes the woman herself understands just what she can't find anything good neither in life nor in the behavior of men.

So for a relationship a woman needs to quit. Not necessarily to divorce. If she feels that she can't serve because of the man next, she should ask a man to temporarily evacuate. Because it is very distracting even when there is no power, the wife continues to serve. Quietly hates, but serves. Hates more and more, it seems that every day is a waste of time, but is all the same, because not to serve can not. Therefore it is necessary to ask a man to leave: "If I will continue to serve you, for it will hate you. I want you to love, to respect, regardless of how things unfold our destiny. Please give me the opportunity to be alone right now, I want to restore myself." And then to include all the resources, taking all the vitamins of love.

The principle is this. Each spouse must take responsibility for what they suffered. A man accepts responsibility for what he gave the woman to ditch. Of course, he doesn't want the divorce, if the wife is good. Why should he want to divorce? He was used to that it humpback. "So come on, pull yourself together! It's a marriage. Oleg G. Torsunov says that if you ruin this relationship, that you next relationship will reach the same karma. You see, I am not scaring you, but not joking," says the husband.

People have very strange reasons why they save marriages and burning power, youth, nerves, justifying it by some strange reasons which are mostly included in the category of comfort. The woman under one eye bruise under the other. "What's happening?" – "Karma work". Intensive course... All "knowledge". Marriage is the working out of karma. No one is against. So something to prolong the pleasure? From getting married to for the full program: this week, one rib broken, the next second, then a black eye, after a week the second. Normal Russian scheme.

According to statistics, in Russia every minute, one woman is beaten by his lover, partner, husband, and every hour is murdered. Because their philosophy is strong: karma should work. So, why get married, understand the qualities of the spouse, compatibility, happiness, if marriage is the working out of karma? I should marry someone you certainly fulfill: "Beautiful! Change will be... will Swing to suicide, but karma will work. Heart will tear! What we need".

If you tell your spouse, looking him in the eye: "You're out of karma", then rest assured, most men will answer: "No problem, I release you from the karma" and just pack up your things. Few men would like to be for his wife "out of karma". It is not our motive, not our taste.

A man but rather wants to help the woman to worry about their fate and their karma, even sacrificing their well-being, and to her support when he fall the burdens of this world. It's an honest motive men care about a woman, yet he will not face the heavy blows of fate. A woman should be able to make this contribution, this concern, accumulating power, which will help it support the man in the most difficult moments for him. The woman who donates too is a traitor, because if it is too male, daily, in a mad rush, out of guilt, "I was lucky with this kid took", or simply because of the feeling of its own imperfection, insignificance and irrelevance in the heart. As a result, it would kill all the power that you need when will come the difficult period when it will be collected and be same "in a burning hut, a galloping horse will stop".

In turn, the woman should take responsibility for what not your husband's fault that the toilet it leaked, but the fact that she is not asked about any support or protection. She just hoped that the more she gives, the faster the man will reach that it is also necessary to give. This is the craziest idea. Women, instead of asking, start doing more and more thinking that we will act. For us it does not work ‒ we have to ask.

Therefore, it is necessary to study the details of what you mean for "I want to keep the family together" or "I want to divorce". It is necessary to study the details. First you need to understand how you want to feel in the family. Then you need to ask a terrible question to myself: are you sure that in this family you ever feel? If the answer is "no", then it is necessary to abandon the external forms and try to move to the goal, to be happy, not to just save some family. Because the preservation of the family cannot be the goal of man. It could be fear of man ‒ fear of mother-in-law, fear city, fear of Oleg Orlov by Torsunova, fear of karma, but it definitely can't be a motive of happiness. No such luck "save the family" because if the men in the family happy then this question does not arise.

The woman should make efforts to preserve the family, if she is happy in the family. What kind of nonsense is this: "I strained to maintain the family." Why would you retain? "With fright. I'm afraid that it is better not meeting." Clearly, further study details: where fear, like fear to get rid of, focus on practice, then efforts and getting better.

Very often people do come up with a form. "My idea is to keep the family together". "Why?" "Because I'm already married". ‒ "Why?" ‒ "Here... I don't know. I can only say why I want to keep it. Because family is family!" Why? Suffering you, suffering people. Children suffer terribly when they see two "dead men" walking through the apartment, the two emotionally dead people. They have no heat, they can not even to each other sweet words to say to communicate. The wife of the husband by name is calling, instead of "favorite" and the kids hear it. That persistent?

So once again. It is necessary to study the details and to deeply investigate the knowledge of how to improve relations.published


Author: Ruslan Narushevich


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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