Heroes of Russia

I realized that in our country there are so many people who are always ready to help your neighbor, even if it has to risk his life. It's a shame that these people paid so little attention, but we're trying to fix it. Denis Surov. Schoolboy from Irkutsk rescued a drowning boy two years.
Irkutsk school pupil, 11-year-old Denis Surov vacationing on the Black Sea Adler. His eyes began to sink two-year boy, who arrived at the resort with his parents in St. Petersburg.

Vladimir Ivanik. Wiring of the Saratov Region has saved a woman on fire.
Operative outreach Dubkovsky master site as part of Saratov RES electrician Vladimir Ivanik and driver Andrei Konstantinov, has received from the controller information on fire houses in the village bailiff (Saratov region).
Brigade stopped work and went to the fire. Upon arrival, the power saw burning two-storey extension to dwelling house. The room was severely smoggy.

Vitaly Ilves. A resident of Tyumen Region has saved a child on fire.
In one of the apartments the city of Tobolsk (Tyumen region) started the fire. Local resident Vitaly Ilves saw from the window of the first floor of a multistory building is smoke. The front door to the apartment was closed on the lock.

Ruslan Dinmukhamet. A teenager from the Tomsk region rescued a drowning boy.
Fourteen-year Ruslan Dinmukhamet, villager Tahtamyshevo (Tomsk region), riding a bicycle along the river Tom, he saw his friend in the water: a boy sucked into the funnel and it is the last effort asked for help.

Faith Tsapalina. A resident of the Vladimir region rescued drowning.
The lake Dichkovskiy in Aleksandrov (Vladimir region) fell through the ice woman, who was in a drunken state. Local resident Tsapalina Vera, who was nearby, rushed to the rescue.

Maxim Reshetnev. Schoolboy from Krasnoyarsk to save the family to a fire.
On the second floor of a house fire started in Krasnoyarsk. Witnesses called the emergency services, but none of the adults did not dare to save their own people. The student of the Lyceum №12, Maxim Reshetnev grabbed the hose, turned on the water, and began to climb the tree that grows across from a burning apartment.

Alexander Chirkov. Police from the Arkhangelsk region saved a woman on my day off.
Operational duty OMVD Russia "Belsky" (Arkhangelsk region), Alexander Chirkov was on the weekend and come to visit friends. About 19 o'clock he heard a cry for help, which was heard from the landing.
Ran from the apartment, Alexander saw a woman in front of which stood a man with a knife in his hand.

Semen Davydov. 10-year-old boy rescued from Bashkiria younger brothers and sister on fire.
In the evening a resident Kumertau (Bashkiria) left her five young children alone in the apartment and went to the store. For older was 10-year-old Semyon Davydov.
About seven o'clock in the evening the boy decided to cook an omelet on a gas stove and leave the matches on a windowsill. His two-year brother quietly carried unattended box in the nursery, where set fire to a pillow and hid in the closet.

Paul Terentyev. Diver rescued from the Lipetsk region of the child and a woman on fire.
The village Trebunki Lipetsk region started a fire in a semi-detached house. 25-year-old local resident Pavel Terentyev working diver Fire and Rescue Station city Dankova heard cries for help, he rushed into the house. There was a two year old child.

Vladislav Gochechilov. The teenager from Chelyabinsk Region led from the burning house younger sisters and brothers.
In the village Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region) in a house fire started. Houses were only minor children.

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