The consequences of the earthquake in Chile

Destroyed dozens of buildings, bridges and highways, and around the Pacific basin likely tsunami. Residents near the epicenter of Chile got the most. The authorities say killed at least 300 people.

An earthquake measuring 8, 8 points - the seventh to force an earthquake in the world - was felt even in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo - in 2896 km east of the epicenter. The total amount of the damage is still unknown, as after a major earthquake followed by a series of minor, one of which is comparable in strength to the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12.

People look at the crumpled cars on the "Puente Viejo" (Old Bridge) over the river del Bio-Bio, which connects Concepción and San Pedro de la Paz to 500 km south of Santiago. As a result, 8, 8-magnitude earthquake in Chile on February 27 killed at least 214 people and destroyed more than 1, 5 million houses. The massive quake plunged the capital of Chile, Santiago, into darkness - broken wires and communications, collapsed buildings and bridges, and around the Pacific basin has been declared a warning of a possible tsunami. (AFP PHOTO / FRANCESCO DEGASPERI)

Residents look at a building destroyed by an earthquake in Concepcion. The epicenter was located 115 km from Concepción - the second largest city in Chile. (AP Photo)

House after an earthquake in Valparaiso February 26th. (MARCELO HERNANDEZ / dpa)


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