Earthquake in Chile force 8, 8 on the Richter scale

February 27 at 3:34 am local time (9:34 MSK) was one of the most powerful earthquakes in history: an earthquake in Chile, force 8, 8 on the Richter scale. Earthquakes have been recorded in the ocean off the coast of Chile, 320 km south-west of Santiago. Shortly after in the same place were recorded about a dozen aftershocks of magnitude 5, 0 to 6, 9. According to the country's president-elect Sebastian Pinera, according to the latest reports, the victims of the earthquake more than 150 people. The earthquake also triggered a tsunami that is now spreading across the Pacific Ocean, and is a few hours can reach Hawaii and Australia. The severity of the tsunami is still not known, but seismologists have warned of the danger of tsunamis across virtually the entire Pacific basin - in Latin America, as well as Hawaii, Japan, Indonesia, French Polynesia, the Philippines and the Russian Far East.

Overturned cars littered on the road to Santiago on February 27, 2010. In the affected districts of the Chilean capital disrupted communications and power supply. (REUTERS / Marco Fredes)

A resident of the Chilean city of Talca is among the debris of the destroyed houses. (AP Photo / Roberto Candia)

Local residents are over the corpse lying in the street in the city of Talca, located about 275 kilometers south of Santiago. (AP Photo / Roberto Candia)

Destroyed pharmacy in Viña del Mar. The epicenter of the earthquake seismologists localized in 56 km north-east of the city of Concepcion, the second largest city in Chile. (MARTIN BERNETTI / AFP / Getty Images)


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