Italian ghost towns

Everyone knows about Pompeii - perfectly preserved Roman city, buried for centuries during the eruption of Vesuvius. But in Italy there are other, less well-known ghost towns, left by people after major natural disasters. These settlements - from simple community of artists to the ideal scenery for the film - a truly magnificent in its gloomy grandeur.

Romagnano al Monte
1. What is a recent addition to the list of Italian ghost towns. Romagnano al Monte was a small village in Salerno, which is destroyed by an earthquake in 1980.

2. Earthquake then claimed 3,000 lives. The survivors decided to move and not to restore their old houses. They moved a few kilometers away, in a safe area, and thus part of the settlement remained intact.

3. In the 2000s, this place has become a tourist attraction. Despite the fact that this ghost village only 30 years, and then in some places there are signs of modernity, as the wiring (or rather what was left of it), Romagnano al Monte is already similar to the medieval ruins.

4. Several factors were the fact that this medieval town located at the foot of the hills turned into a ghost town.

5. For example, war, earthquakes and landslides. This town is on the rise of the Italian "boot" (map), in the province of Matera. It was founded in 540 AD Despite the long history of the city, in the period from 1892 to 1922. most of its inhabitants moved to other regions of Italy or even in America.

6. The landslide in 1963 drove the remaining 1,800 inhabitants. Remaining after them the ghost town became a tourist attraction and backdrop for many films. There were filmed scenes from the movie Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ", "007: Quantum of Solace" and "Saving GraceĀ».

7. The ancient town of Savona (northwest of Italy) was abandoned - it immediately becomes clear at first glance at the empty streets and houses.

8. However, very little information is known about the city - when it was founded, or why people moved here. It is believed that the reason for that was the earthquake that struck the coast in the late XIX century.

9. In 1887, for example, an earthquake happened in the 6, 7 on the Richter scale. However, if you want to see the city in a derelict state - hurry up, because the Italian authorities have recently decided to revive it.

Bussana Vecchia
10. The same earthquake that shook Balestrino, collapsed and this beautiful town. As a result, killing more than 2000 people lived here.

11. In general, it was the first earthquake, which measured the seismograph created by Italian Filippo Cecchi. The old village was abandoned and the inhabitants moved to a new Bussanu.

12. Since the 1950s. people began to live here illegally, and in the 1960s. on the campus founded his community artists.
Despite repeated government attempts to evict them, the Society of international artists in the city and remains to this day. They live on the funds received from the sale of his works to tourists.

13. This small town in the region Kalambriya (southern Italy) was founded by the Greeks in 640 BC In 1793 there was a catastrophic earthquake.

14. The earthquake was so terrible that the inhabitants moved to the nearby town of Melito Porto Salvo. City Towering over the Ionian Sea and is similar to the open-air museum, because of its former residents were forced to throw their homes and belongings.

15. The city was empty until 60's. It has not attracted the attention of volunteers ready to revive it. Now Pentedattilo Film Festival is held, and is full of artists who seek inspiration from its ruins.



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