Strong earthquake in Mexico

To the south of the Mexican border with the United States was a strong earthquake of magnitude 7, 2. The disaster claimed more human lives, hundreds of people were injured. In several towns water supply is interrupted, damaged communications and electricity. Tremors felt about 20 million people in Mexico and in the border states. Blow element startled residents of Los Angeles and San Diego. Hollywood celebrities in their blogs on Twitter is actively shared their impressions of what happened, and the responses were from scared to rave.

The saleswoman gives the customer delivery through the broken window shop in Mexicali. This store - one of a number of buildings affected by the earthquake of 7 today, 2 points. (Jorge Duenes -Reuters)

A man sleeping in his pickup truck parked in Mexicali. The earthquake in Mexico and Southern California road swollen, cracked buildings, and electrical wires sagged. Many fear the probability of aftershocks. (Jorge Duenes -Reuters)

People stand in line for gasoline at a gas station in Mexicali after earthquake. As a result, the next natural disaster killed at least two people, and more than 100 injured. (Jorge Duenes -Reuters)


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