In New Zealand, an earthquake

On Saturday, September 4 in New Zealand there was an earthquake measuring over 7 points. As a result of the catastrophe hit the building, cracked roads, and in some areas has been interrupted supply of electricity, gas and water. By sheer luck, no one was killed, but the new aftershocks continue to shake the southernmost island of the country, and the government decided to extend the state of emergency.

The walls of houses collapsed, roads were cracked, and the people made homeless by the earthquake of 7, 1 points, thundered on the South Island of New Zealand on Saturday 4th of September. "It is a miracle that no one died," - said the Prime Minister. (GETTY IMAGES)

2. reported two wounded. The earthquake woke thousands of people at 4:35 in the morning. Its epicenter was located near the town of Christchurch. Several people were trapped under the rubble, but no one died. The city's population - 400,000 people. (EPA)

3. The Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key (right) and Mayor of Christchurch, Bob Parker (center) assess damage after an earthquake. (REUTERS)


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