Why is New Zealand's no snakes

Did you know that in New Zealand there snakes? And, not only that they are not in the wild, you will not find them even in local zoos and research laboratories.
Snakes in New Zealand is literally outlawed. Keeping and breeding of reptiles of this kind is strictly forbidden. The penalty will threaten you, even if you just saw a snake and not reported it where you want. However, according to the Ministry of the mining industry in New Zealand, which is responsible, among other things, for the safety of the environment, the likelihood of such incidents is actually equal to zero, because the snakes in the country do not have.

However, we must clarify land snakes. Two species of sea snakes - yellow-bellied bonito (Pelamis platurus-photo) and the marine uzhevidny krayt (Laticauda colubrina) in New Zealand waters still occur. However, these snakes never crawl on land, and when they occur near the coast of New Zealand are rare. In this case both species are poisonous, but do not constitute a danger to humans, as they are too small to the bite of the poison can penetrate the human skin.

By the way, if one terrestrial snakes in New Zealand is still there, they will inevitably have destroyed the main symbol of New Zealand - Kiwi flightless bird (pictured).
Also, due to the absence of dangerous snakes and poisonous spiders, New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world for travel in the countryside.
So why is New Zealand's no snakes?

It was long thought that the snakes on the islands of New Zealand has never happened before. However, in the early 2000s, researchers from New Zealand and Australia have been found remains of these reptiles (National Geographic News: "Fossil Find Proves New Zealand Once Had Snakes"). This discovery proved that 15-20 million years ago, snakes in New Zealand, apparently, all the same were carried out, but for some reason completely extinct.

It is believed that this could happen in the Ice Age, when New Zealand was a sharp cold snap. Subsequently, the geographical isolation of the islands has led to the fact that this type has not appeared in New Zealand again.

Of course, if desired, reptiles creeping into the country for a long time could make. For example, from a neighboring Australia, where various species of snakes more than enough. However, a strict policy of New Zealand government leaves little chance that snakes ever reappear in New Zealand.

You probably wonder, where does Malakhov? I just did Coub with Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, at the same time decided to distribute the utility of information in the post. I'm still kicking



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