Hazardous work (33 photos)

Speciality zmeelova not get in any high school. People learn themselves.
Zmeelovu need to understand the psychology of subtle serpent, know all their habits, natural features, habitats.
With one of these experts managed to walk across the steppes of southern Kazakhstan.

Catch creeping reptiles, it was decided to Shardary district of South Kazakhstan region. There, on the border with Uzbekistan, you can still meet the representatives of the suborder of reptiles, which are so interested in our zmeelovu. It is on the southwest side of Chardara reservoir, about 15 km from the small village of Bazar-Ak-Tube, we started searching for poisonous snakes as the material for the production of biologically active substances

Meet Alexander - serpentolog and snake catcher with 15 years of experience. He is interested in Central Asian cobra and viper. Officially, the two samples of the family of venomous snakes are not listed in the register of the reptilian fauna of Kazakhstan. However, this list has long lost its relevance because of the old age, he was drawn back in the 70s of the last century. And now, we can not say that these snakes are not found

Viper inhabits dry foothills and mountain slopes covered with shrubs, in rocky gorges with springs, river valleys and cliffs on the banks of canals


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