Named the most dangerous bird on Earth

The most dangerous bird on Earth, the cassowary, or in Latin "they are". These are very aggressive creatures who need to be wary of the man. Wings kazarovich developed quite weak, ischium, and pubic bones are not connected, the nostrils are in the middle of the flattened sides of the beak. Moreover, these birds were not well developed tail, and no legs fourth back finger.

At the head of the cassowary, like the upper neck, pretty bright color. On the head is flattened Horny outgrowth. The birds beak is long and straight. The neck is fleshy appendages that give the cassowary of the original colors. In the wings is hard without the webs of the studs instead of feathers, like birds. The plumage of the cassowary looks like a hair. The bird has short legs and the front legs have a kind of bristle. The main weapon of this very beautiful bird is an incredibly well-developed claw on the inner toe. It is quite easy to anger.

Evil individual carries incredible danger, so it's best not to anger the cassowary. Remember that evil bird always attack first, observing the rule that tells you that the best defense is a good offense. People living in the habitats of cassowaries, trying to avoid the evil bird. Its danger lies in the fact that escape from it is almost impossible, unless you run with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

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