Painting from wings of butterflies

Vadim Zaritsky, a former police officer, discovered his incredible artistic talent. For his works the artist uses a very unusual material – the wings of butterflies. The range of subjects of his works is very wide: from landscapes and still lifes, to portraits of political figures and famous artists.

It should be noted that in his work the artist uses the wings of dead butterflies. Of course, for such work requires a lot of wings, so to assume that all these wings, the artist has found their own – ridiculous. Many people know this artist, so send him found wings. First and foremost, the wings of a butterfly send collectors who have such material often called "junk".

Often artist tend to get damaged wings, and the wings of butterflies that have been damaged by pests. All this material the artist skillfully uses in his works.

The artist has created about 100 works of different sizes and themes. The creation of one painting takes between a week to several months.

Although some African masters have used butterfly wings in their art before, no one questioned the talent of Vadim Zaritsky. About the level of professionalism is better to say the artist's work.

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