What is this miracle? (14 pics + 1 video)

Who is it? It looks like a hairy snake, and it can photoshop?
Do not know this creature?
Let's face it.

The name darters have received for a long, flexible neck, giving them a resemblance to produce a snake attack. We have anhinga and the local name - Angina.

Anhinga lives in the hot tropical climate zone: Central America, a small area of ​​the southern tip of North America, as well as in the northern regions of South America. Usually serve as the abode of her extensive freshwater marshes and wooded lakeside shores of creeks, large and small rivers. Adapted to life near the brackish water, it often settles in marine lagoons and river estuaries, especially in places teeming with dense mangroves.

Habitat. Lives in the South, Central and North America.

Anhinga spends a lot of time in the water, excellent diving and swimming, not only other waterfowl, but in his own way - plunging the whole body in the water, so that the outside can see only the head and neck. Before dives bird exhales hidden inside the body of the air sacs and impacts the wings to get rid of trapped air bubbles in the feathers. The streamlined shape allows Darter quickly swim, rowing two legs. Happy adult birds are hunted in small flocks. Sitting on a rock or a branch hanging over the water, looking out for prey darter.


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