The Ukrainian Pinzel sculptures caused a furore in the Louvre

Recently the art world of the city had stirred up great news. On March 28, in the glorious city there has arrived an exhibition of sculptures world master John Pinzel. 16 works native Ukrainian Galich visited the native place of the author.

It is known that the 27 sculptures of Ukrainian artists were presented at the Louvre for three months. Some work has already been returned to the Carpathian Museum of art, Ternopil regional Museum and the Church of the village of Buchach, Ternopil.

As for the present exhibition, the sculptures presented at the art Gallery in Lviv. By the way, in the near future, the local government promises to fix the building of the Museum Pinzel, where will be gathered all the author's works of Ukrainian Michelangelo. Attention to the dowry of the sculptor is not in vain. After all, his art is popular worldwide.

In Paris, according to witnesses, the exhibition has caused a real furor. And in Ukraine the popularity of her no less. There is only one positive all the sophistication. In France a ticket to the exhibition cost € 11, but the lions provides the opportunity to admire the sculptures for 10 hryvnia. The difference is very noticeable. Moreover, to visit the exhibition will be until the end of 2013.


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