The new machine sorts used batteries for recycling

If you look around, you can see that today, almost every thing runs on batteries – this means that with increased production increases the number of used power sources in the trashcan. But given that all the batteries have toxic metals and other harmful substances, the need of their complete processing is essential in the protection of the environment. But how to solve this problem, if all the batteries are of different types and sizes?

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg and University of technology Chalmers invented a machine with artificial intelligence that can identify and sort the batteries at recycling facilities. Car was named Optisort, it uses optical recognition technology of the type of power source, equating it with samples in its database, with speeds up to 10 batteries per second.


Information about each is checked and sorted the battery is stored in another database of the machine on which you can learn General information about the volume to be disposed of batteries as a whole and by type, brand and other parameters. Armed with these data, the company collecting and sorting can make the market for secondary materials that are used in batteries, and to build their own business.

In our time, the developers carried out tests of the two machines Optisort, which is installed at the facilities of recycling. One of them is now in the Swedish company Renova, which processes half of all the batteries collected in Sweden, and another car is in the company G&P Batteries in the UK, where one-third collected in the country of the battery is recyclable.

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