Rest on the grounds of Middle-earth

Peter Jackson, director of the "Lord of the Rings", a true master of his craft. One must have a remarkable talent to make a short story from the full fascinating trilogy collect full cinemas. One of the indisputable advantages of films Jackson is a beautiful work of decorators who create a very atmospheric "location." For example, housing hobbit. If you are not a fan of techno-style in the interior, you will probably like all those around the doors, windows, hallways, lots of wooden furniture and created all these amenities. Unfortunately, to build a house for himself, few can for several reasons. But still there are people who are inspired by way of property hobbit style, trying to some extent to recreate it. And - to rent out.

So if you like movies Peter Jackson, then pay attention to our selection of property in the style of architecture of Middle-earth (loud sounds, agree). Much more interesting to go on holiday, to live in one of these places instead of the hotel, and more without fear of being branded "tolkinutym." In the end, not only geeks like vehicles .

Thailand h4>

Architectural features drawn imagination of Tolkien hobbit houses make them not too convenient to implement in reality. However, in this case owners are not too lazy and built a very convincing in terms of the style of the house. He is not on the coast, and a two-hour drive from Bangkok. But you will be much easier to get to know other areas of Thailand, it's not some beaches are interested in this country.

Montana, USA h4>

In the mountains of Montana, one of the national nature reserves, located small residential complex . However, outside this house more authentic than the inside. But if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a real dugout in the mountain-hilly terrain, but still with all the benefits of civilization, can be a good option for a holiday.

Cornwall, UK h4>

This tree house . Though not too much like home hobbit, but still looks like it was built somewhere in Middle Earth. The house is located off the coast of the English Channel, in a remote corner of the UK. Currently place for a relaxing holiday, preferably without a cell phone and the Internet. By the way, to get into the house only by a ladder.

California h4>

On the hillside built a small two-story turret , which looks like a sentinel outpost. Well, or as tiny lighthouse, if you prefer. When in fact it is the former water tower. Near to make a small terrace with a magnificent view of the surrounding hills. It is a pity that such houses are not built here in the southern regions, for sure it would be many who want to relax in such a pinnacle in the mountains of Sochi.

Massachusetts, USA h4>

Башни-студии, former before storage silo, and now turned into interesting homes on landscaped grounds. As you can see, all of the above house located in a pretty lonely place, in the midst of nature. These towers were no exception, here you also will not find nightclubs and supermarkets. But offers beauty National Park Birtaun (Beartown) and downright medieval surroundings towers houses.

Again, California, USA h4>

This small house mushroom located near the coastal resort of Santa Cruz, in a dense forest. You do not have to get a week on dogs, the town is just a few kilometers away. So you can quickly and easily choose the "civilization" if suddenly bored at cafes or shops. Though outwardly house looks quite small, but it is misleading. And under his strange dome hides a full floor with double bed.

Granada, Spain h4>

Last accommodation in our collection can not boast of a warm wooden interior tube. This Cave House on the outskirts of Granada, which lies in the vicinity of the Sierra Nevada. By the way, this is the least cut off from civilization option in this list, just a few kilometers from the house is a campus of the University of Granada. But just a few hundred meters begins a huge park, and the house is surrounded by a small garden. So this is one of the most benign methods for the townspeople to touch the exotic Middle-earth.


* * *
This is not a complete list of places in the description that comes to mind such films as "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit." Surely almost every country where you want to go, you will find several options for true connoisseurs of Tolkien. If you find some suitable offer, send a personal e-mail, we will add them to this collection.



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