Why the poor should not be given free housing. Socialism is evil!

Socialism is able to bring any country to collapse.
A person must have its own home - this idea is hardly original. Even residents of ancient Athens were trying to solve the problem with the settlement of the poor - and in fairness it should be noted that since the problem has not been solved. Only in the twentieth century, when Europe and the world has swept most of the countries of socialism fixed in the Constitution the right of every citizen housing. The implementation of this law - a separate conversation. Without mistakes, curiosities and outright mistakes are not done.

The first massively to build housing for the poor at the expense of the state began in the United States, when socialism drew the ruling elite of the country. Similar programs in the country started in the 19th century, but fully to the case began only after the Great Depression. Roosevelt's "New Deal" focused special attention on the construction of social housing. The first few hundred thousand "squares" of social houses provided to the poor in the 30-ies. The rent for such housing was symbolic.

It is worth noting that social housing was very attractive. It was a series of single-family small cottages for 3-4 rooms, with bath and all utilities, and even a backyard and a front garden. The cost of housing has been a cheap. To be eligible for such housing, it was necessary to prove his utter poverty. One can only imagine how jealous of the poor low-wage workers - they were too rich to qualify for social housing. The result was controversial: a simple miner was forced to pay a significant amount for a poor rent cramped apartment, and the unemployed living in a cozy cottage (and some say that socialism is valid)

. Socialism came up with an evil genius.
This went on for a long time: social housing in the US was much more comfortable other residential property. Naturally, over the years it became clear that all the cottages of the poor is not enough. Therefore, in the early '50s, when the world spread socialism, the US government decided to abandon the construction of villas and cottages. The construction of large residential complexes - the whole area with complete infrastructure: shops, hospitals, schools. The basis of areas of steel high-rise buildings with affordable apartments - in their resettled unemployed and the poor from the slums. One of the most famous areas became "Pryuit-Igou", built in St. Louis, Missouri.

The grand opening took it in 1954. New tenants have been waiting 33 homes on 11 floors each, with broken green lawns around. Each house was comfortable and well-equipped apartments. In the role of the chief architect of the project was made by a promising young specialist Minoru Yamasaki. In this work he was guided by the principles of Le Corbusier: comfort, functionality, modern approach


Minoru Yamasaki arhiterktor shelter igou Pruitt Igoe Pruitt-Igoe US ghettos socialism Minoru Yamasaki
The first floors of the houses were designed under the joint needs: there were placed closets, storage for bicycles, laundry. On each floor the architect has provided a broad and long gallery, which, according to the author, designed for a comfortable communicating tenants. It was expected that there will be to conduct a party, the children play in bad weather. Everything as promised socialism.

On the eve of the launch of the project in Missouri made the first steps towards tolerance: cohabitation was allowed to black and white. The new complex was to be a symbol of unity, tolerance and prosperity for all Americans. Name of area "Pryuit Igou" - dedicated to the black pilot Oliver Pryuitu (the hero of the World) and the white member of Congress from Missouri William Igou

. Expulsion from Paradise
socialism Balzac once wrote: "Poverty is contagious," but those words were unknown to the authors of an ambitious social project - or do they react to it too lightly. Traditional American society it was already filled with leftist ideas. All of the "progressive" people looked at socialism as the next evolutionary step of humanity. Many educated Americans assumed: the poor man is a victim of an unprincipled world capitalism. The Company re-mastered for yourself the simple truth: feed someone who is hungry, shelters the one who does not have a roof over their heads. The correct approach is, do not you?

The twentieth century was the century of global social transformation, and its history has shown: these wonderful simple truths should be introduced only as it should before this thought. Once in the new apartments "Pryuit Igou" complex settled single mothers, the poor old lady, students from poor families and many other poor, turned out a lot of unpleasant facts. It turned out that the unemployed alcoholics and single mothers sometimes nurture the full marginal, and old women go to live better in the poorhouse than will share shelter with half-crazed son drinkers. Student do not really like was the risk of rape directly in the elevator, and the students do not want to lose your teeth, getting another chance in a fight in the stairwell.

White left their apartments during the first years. Almost 99% of the population of the complex amounted to blacks. At the same time educated and working African Americans also prefer not to stay in a new place: they disliked become the next victim of endless fights. Two schools in the territory of the residential complex, very quickly abandoned all self-respecting teacher. There were only those who were able to withstand openly masturbating or drunken students in the classroom.

Turning to hell
It turned out that not all the modern poor are victims of circumstances. In most cases - it is marginalized, unwilling to work and follow the rules of decency and respect the rights of others. Living dispersed among more or less successful people, the poor unwillingly, but adapt to the surrounding reality, comply with the laws, sometimes even bring a certain social benefit. But once in a society of their own kind, they have completely lost his head. Create a great quarter, consisting of marginal, it was a stupid decision.

A few months sufficed to complex turned into a "state" which consists of criminals and descended to the bottom of personalities. Here we lived "on the concepts of" working people perceive as a goner, and the crazy criminals believed authorities. Socialism in action. After 5 years, only 15% of home owners have made the minimum payment required for water supply and electricity, garbage collection, basic repairs. Even after 5 years, the number of taxpayers was reduced to 2%.

Social paradise turned into a ghetto - and one of the worst in the United States. Architectural discovery - the gallery - a place of mass stage fights. The galleries are literally living the teenage gang. Light was not even if the utility and dare twist bulbs, they broke in the first minutes. While elevators still went, they Stavan places gang rape - mockery of the unfortunate victims sometimes lasted for hours, and the cries of the girls echoed through the house


The police were on call day only: all areas officially abandoned the night calls, afraid of losing people. Only in rare cases the assault of one of the homes visited commandos - if able to "cover" the whole gang as a whole. Happy tenants with low prestige in this terrible criminal world could still go out. At night it was still death. Socialism lived on a single area.

Inglorious end and serious consequences

It was during the existence of this residential neighborhood of St. Louis one of the three most dangerous cities in the US (and still is in it). In the mid 60's once beautiful residential area has turned into the perfect place to shoot a horror movie: broken windows in the facade, piles of garbage (wipers no longer served the complex several years), obscene graffiti everywhere, dark corridors (in extreme cases - a dimly lighted lanterns, protected by a metal grid). In this area, 75% of drug deposited town, so perfect were commonplace crooked doorways in the body:. Someone is stoned, and someone long dead

Even prostitutes do not deceive the area - it was too dangerous for them to practice. Prostitution, according to statistics, every third resident was engaged in the complex, but for this they went to work in respectable areas of the city. Police statistics has another interesting fact: every second "Pryuit Igou" was tried. True socialism tells us that thieves and murderers - "socially close elements of society»

. Neighborhood exuded stench: they only intensified after sewer break in one of the houses: the building was then flooded with sewage from the basement to the roof. The creator of "Pryuit Igou" has long struck the quarter of his resume, though once believed that the project would make him world famous. It was difficult to admit that he was one of the founders of hell - or rather its full branch on the ground. In 1970, the residential complex is formally recognized disaster area. And there was worse than a flood, tornado or fire. The city administration has not recognized the effective no decision about the salvation of the area and its residents.

Most communications were destroyed and continued to fall, and to repair them, taking into account the features of clear no one was going. Authorities came to the only acceptable way out. It began the resettlement of residents: they were sent to another social housing, which is a small house in the affluent areas. After the eviction began a joint military and police raid: in empty houses caught the homeless and drug addicts. After cleaning the house cordoned off and blew.

Two years later, the area was a series of pits, brim clogged with debris over which hastily sown grass and wildflowers. The city authorities still solves the problem with immigrants from the former housing complex: it is a thousand murderers and dozens of bands. It thugs, from childhood accustomed to live in a hostile world, and not adapted to other conditions. Socialism in action did not justify their hopes.

shelter igou US ghettos socialism Pruitt Igoe public housing demolition
The problem with this and other areas has forced all media leftist ideas to think about the correctness of their actions. It turns out that the money and goods are not able to improve the existence of people who are thrown out on the side of life for a variety of reasons. Even free and compulsory education is not able to solve the problem. Exterminate the spirit of the slums can only constant pressure media cultural paradigm - but in order to achieve efficiency in this case, you need to change a few generations.


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