Interesting facts about America and Americans

About the inhabitants of the United States there are many stereotypes and misconceptions.
And there are just - the bare facts. A dozen of them, we have decided today to share with you ...

The average American is coming to see a doctor, he expressed his complaints in 23 seconds.
68% of visits to doctors in America are somehow connected with the presence of obesity or smoking.

The average American consumes annually 800 grams of chewing gum.
50% of the gum is spit on the sidewalks, park benches and under the seats in public transport.

According to statistics, during the US championship of American football middle
American worker spends at work to discuss matches 10 minutes a day.
Damage from the unfulfilled obligations of the country more than $ 800 million.

In the US, the largest number of restaurants, "McDonald's."
On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of "McDonald's" in Chicago opened the largest restaurant of this company, its area is 2230 square meters.


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