Facts about the "problem of the Christian symbolism"

An interesting and unusual information about the so-called "problem of Christian symbolism." Read the facts below.

Tertullian (one of the most prominent early Christian writers and theologians. In the emerging theology for the first time expressed the concept of the Trinity) states that the Christians call Christ the "Good Serpent».

Encyclopedia symbolism strongly accompanies my catastrophic versions, and directly links the Snake-Christ and the heavenly fire, that is, the huge comet on the sky. However, Christian scholars that parallel shy and tend to be linked with the Serpent on the Cross Bronze Serpent of Moses. Here it is.

And God is with him, it's really not the Serpent and Basilisk, which can be seen on the ears. No matter even what exactly under the same serpent, basilisk fighting for the victory of Jesus Crusaders.

The main thing is that in fact the serpent on the pole is a symbol of the ancient healer Asclepius. The symbol of healing. It was in this capacity shows two crucifix in the church of Bad Teinach in the southwest of Germany.
On the left, Moses fresco, pointing to the crucified serpent, heal the body, and the right - John the Baptist, pointing to Jesus heals the soul.

Now let us remember how much effort put medieval monastic medicine in the exorcism of the possessed body. This is a normal shamanic practices: if you want to heal your body, heal the spirit first. That is, as a symbol of healing, Jesus and the Serpent (Basilisk) is not just equal, but are one and the same. Remember, Jesus is doing what most of our time: cures the lepers and bleeding, that is, normally combines its spiritual mission with the functions of the Mosaic Snake. It is necessary to emphasize that the staff of Asclepius over seven hundred years of Christianity, and not know this symbol, taking it as their symbol, the first Christians could not.
There is a curious view of Jerusalem, where the Serpent on the Cross is reflected in two mirrors, and that there was no error, the Serpent signed the initials of Jesus Christ the King of the Jews. Here is a fragment of the panorama.

But it is entirely.

The same snake motif is and on the well-known Hippocratic cup.

He is almost exactly repeated in a bowl of St. John the Divine.

Judging by the ears, it is not a snake, but again, like healing a staff of Moses - Basilisk, a cross between a rooster and a snake. Here he is, but in the form of a snake in the temple of Hagia Sophia.

Here is a general view of the cup.

But back in the bowl Basilisk John, and all that - symbols of Christianity.

Defensively unnecessary questions, the Church even came up with the story of an attempt to poison John the Divine, because, he says, he is holding a bowl of basilisk. But it is worth remembering that the poison is a medicine, and the serpent is a symbol of healing, and the identity of Hippocrates bowls and bowls John the Divine becomes natural.
It is worth adding that the Basilisk means "little king" (in the old texts is simple - the King), and to Jesus, king of Judah, this naming is quite suitable - at least remember the panorama of Jerusalem with the basilisk on the cross ...
Moreover, there is a Russian icon of the XIX century, where Jesus is also the Serpent and performs exactly the same role as that of John the Basilisk in the bowl and the Serpent in the bowl of Hippocrates - healing. This Inexhaustible Cup.

Inexhaustible Cup

Moreover, in the iconography easily discover exactly how Jesus came into this bowl. That picture of 1619, from which it follows that the baby Jesus in a bowl (aka Good Serpent, aka Basilisk) this wine Communion or real blood of Jesus, typed Joseph of Arimathea, and since then, as far as I understand the logic of magic, constantly diluted in Communion wine. Yes, this blood is diluted today billions of times, but it's still there.

Here is another picture - in 1786 with Joseph of Arimathea, gaining the blood of Christ in the sacred chalice (Holy Grail). It is very important that there not be crucified, and the tree - all early traditions about Jesus say just about dry tree to which Jesus was podveschen.

And here is the place to link into one:
- Communication psychedelic practices and healing;
- Communication psychedelics and religious mysteries;
- A solution of opium in wine, it is ladanum communion sorts of savages;
- Specific state "I was in the spirit of" St. John the Evangelist (with the cup),
- How unanimously passed yesterday under the shadow of the man-eaters of the Church of Christ;
- A desperate fight religious orders for all major narkorayony;
- The battle of the Church against heretics-apothecaries;
- And dreary quote that now is not the same incense.


Basilisk, also known as the Serpent of knowledge, he, Jesus has a strong connection with women. They write even that Basilisk woman can possess, and the women did not shy away.

By the way, Elizabeth, the Queen of the English ...

But restorers discovered under a layer of paint subordinate Basilisk.

And Basilisk, a slave woman (she was sitting on it, and in the hands of her leash). Please note, a woman holding a bowl.

But Santa Marta from Tarascon, and she also holds the cup, and also keeps the monster (write that this dragon Tarasque) on a leash. Basilisk on a leash at all ladies have often recurring motif.

Tradition perfectly visible even from antiquity. It Diana.

But most importantly, perhaps, of them - Hermione, she's Harmony, and her husband, the Greek king Cadmus, appealed to the snake.

The woman suffered so much, without affection, which also became a snake, and returned the family harmony. There are options where they both become a basilisk.
But the most interesting parallel we see in 1808. They write that this is a picture of the fall of Adam and Eve and Satan flies over them - a snake. In fact, we have a basilisk, but not snakes, which can be seen by birds, like the Indian Quetzal couatl-head, and the basilisk not one, but with his beloved wife.
The history of Cadmus and his wife Harmony clearly echoes the story of Adam and Eve, and that's the big question, when was the last time edited the Old Testament. It is clear that after 1808.

On the other hand, the name of Cadmus means "East" that unites him with Lucifer, and he was for a long time hanging out with the Arabs, which suggests that poppy tinctures, so popular among the healers of the past, including the Christian Hospitaller who held "the juice of poppy" for it is not news.
Well, the last in this series: Cadmus turned into a dragon because before that had killed the dragon. That is, the knight (option - St. George) slaying a dragon loved women, he becomes a dragon. The circle of life has closed.
Here is a fragment rather monumental icons. In the center of St. George killing the dragon, which holds on a leash Jewish princess.

Ethiopia Kibray Negast write it herself the Queen of Sheba. St. George, has already become by then a monk, navtykal snake with two Bros-monks. Snake still managed to spit in queen, making her and were later foot problems. Orthodoxy this part of the legend prudent lost, but the icon of the last four letters, is the name of the princess - Saba.
Now note that the basilisk on this icon horned. He's in the middle of the forehead a horn clearly visible.

This is no exception. Many Basilisks horned, more unicorns. Here St. Margaret of Antioch - with her.

See dove flew to her from the mouth of God the Father? As you wish, but we see the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, multiple reflections in the medieval tradition called "Mystical hunt for a unicorn." Here's a picture.

On the left - the Archangel Gabriel, who came to tell Mary that she became pregnant by God. He has four dogs, this Dominican monks, literally Lord Dogs (Canis Domini). Unicorn in search of salvation clung to the Mother of God, and she tenderly holds his horn.
An important detail: the Unicorn - the symbol of purity - adores virgins: how to see, so immediately rushes to her bosom (bosom of this breast, womb, the womb, but rather the womb).
Unicorn severely hit in the ribs, as well as Christ.

Thus, we see the two monsters (Unicorn and Basilisk), identical in weight parameters.
1. Both have a single horn in the forehead
2. Both love virgins (Basilisk virgin bears under his arm, why he betrayed her like a dog)
3. Both monsters kill knight lance blow in the ribs
4. Both the monster - an integral part of the Annunciation, at least, to St. Margaret just dove down, just out of the mouth of God the Father, and at the moment of death of the monster. I forgot to mention an important detail: in the case of Margaret womb Basilisk also breaks
5. Both the monster - kings. Unicorn also ruled by beasts like Basilisk - snakes.

And that means:
1. St. Marta and St.. Margarita - early, pure folk versions of the Virgin.
2. Basilisk is an early, more primitive version of the Unicorn, and both of them - early versions of sacrificial Christ
3. St. George is an early version of the Archangel Gabriel.
4. Did the sacrifice of Christ is the pledge of the Immaculate Conception of the same Christ, the parallels between the conception and the crucifixion enough.

A little more about unicorns
That is the Russian version of the Unicorn - Indrikis beast. He lives in Palestine on Mount Tabor (Tabor is in Ethiopia) and kills the Nile crocodile. This is a separate issue.

But the Chinese version of the Unicorn - Jilin (Kirin in the Japanese pronunciation).

Jilin charge of childbirth. Mother Confucius saw Jilin just before the birth of the child. It is believed that Jilin is a once in a thousand years - specifically, to usher in the birth of a new leader of nations. I am sure that this European legend adapted for the Chinese Jesuits. At least, Jilin first described by Confucius, who is also a Jesuit Matteo Ricci - and God Bodhisattva hours.
Moreover, it is - Jilin, too, although the eye can see classical Basilisk.

Both the monster - like Jilin and Basilisk, did not really eat and breathe fire.

There is another monster, is closely associated with Jesus and the basilisk - Kokatris essentially invariant cross between a cock and snakes. For example, this is - Basilisk.

A kokatris more like a rooster. He practically crowed. This Rooster hates him like kin basilisk and this hatred is justified. Basilisk, as we know, is Jesus, and the rooster, who is also Peacock, he is Malak Taus, - is Satan. At least, so say in the old days, the Yezidis.

Today dictionaries say the opposite, but in 1864 the Yezidis believed Rooster enemy of Jesus. And confirmation of this, we can easily find itself in scripture.
As we all remember, the problem of Jesus began immediately after the third crowing of a cock. Three events occurred simultaneously: the cock cried, the soldiers came, and Peter denied Christ in the third and last time - both from the evil forces.
I consider it my duty to remind you that the triple renunciation is final renunciation: exactly three times saying "talaq," a Muslim divorces his wife and baptized renounces evil spirits. That is, the first Pope ever denied Christ.
I am sure that the fact that it was after the third crowing of a cock does not mean that Jesus - the evil. Yes, it is the serpent, but he basilisk, but the folk tradition, these characters have become the embodiment of evil exclusively due to the promotion of the Catholic Church. Yazidis have been the personification of evil, Rooster (Peacock), third obrekshy cry of Jesus on the crucifix.

And what is interesting in the second half of the XIX century, and in many places and is now in the steeple of the church - not a cross, and Rooster. The Church does not hide: that he is the rooster that shouted three times before Jesus tied. These roosters.

And yet ...

And yet ...

Only one church in London on the spire of one who should be there - Basilisk.

Do you have questions? You can check the minor details.
One way to protect against the Basilisk - show him the mirror. Basilisk is frightened and is dying.
Here St. Sebastian (crucified almost the same as crucified "son Huitzilopochtli" Aztecs) shows Basilisk a mirror and he sees the Basilisk in the reflection? That's right, myself.

But the two mirrors on the panorama of Jerusalem. There Basilisk directly signed the initials of Christ.

And Unicorn, the brother of the Basilisk, and he, too, looks in the mirror.

As you wish, but the parallels are not random. Just as not all the other random parallel, up to murder Christ forgave the Roman soldiers with a spear in the ribs tknuvshis Savior.
Usually this figure output beyond discussion. In 1864, it was to blame Herod and Pontius Pilate was not in the business, and even become the key was not specified.

Here's how Pilate wrote: "When it was crucified».

A soldier DIRECTLY encroached on the life of that which is - in the bushes. Why did it happen? And with that St. George tknuvshis basilisk in the ribs (aka Archangel Gabriel, tknuvshis under the edge of the Unicorn) was just simply a Roman soldier. Scattered pieces are glued to the Scriptures into one consistent whole, and it turns out that St. George killed Christ.
Who in this situation in the eyes of Jesus? Comet is most similar to the Feathered Serpent? We must understand that its care rejoiced all life.
And he looked like Jesus' role in the Middle Ages? At the tops of churches triumphantly standing Rooster, and they hated the Basilisk at the same time eternally tortured on the cross - in each temple, on every underwear crucifixion.
Only recently, thanks to secular artists who became popular image of Christ in all his glory, and before that he served only one way - the loser. Neither Savage nor a peasant to understand the Christian symbolism otherwise could not.
The very meaning of the crucifixion of Christ that turned out to all people the salvation of the Earth, in this context, looks very eloquently.
It is symptomatic that in the 1960s, the Roman Catholic Church has ceased to celebrate the days of dog-St. And St. Christopher. George. Both figures are absolutely paramount standing incomparably higher than all the other figures of Christianity.

ST. BASILISK - Another option JESUS ​​

The circumstances of the execution of St. Basilisk identical penalty Christ. In one version of the crucifixion were sentenced to three. When you try to harm Basilisk earth shook, and all the hard scared.

But there is another version where the two crucified, and Basilisk change penalty - was beheaded. This story is one in one repeats the story of the crucifixion is called God magician Simon - there are also three crucified, but was spared by a severed head. Before us greatly and randomly shuffled retouched pieces of the same story. BUT basilisk basilisk is called here - King.

Well, finally one more interesting thing related to the female version of Jesus.

VIRGIN sinless Jesus
First recall that in Gaul (at least, commonly referred to as the two parts of Europe), half records of baptism is: "In the name of father and daughter, and the Holy Spirit." In fact, here it is - the daughter.

This holy Julia. Please note on her head a crown as a symbol of St. Julia is a rope on the cross, and it is worth remembering that the rope is a symbol of snakes, and sort-tribe. This is a very important symbol.

And because of that saint otbrykatsya, should take into account that the serpent is usually accompanied by Dev and in 34 languages ​​(contrary to common sense, that is, were thorough editorial texts), called basilisk, Latin sounds like Regulus. Nowhere else, only in Latin. And in Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Turkish, French and Creole Regulus is menstruating - the strongest, most powerful, perhaps in folk magic ingredient.
So, we have a certain monster "Regulus", controlled by the Virgin, a strong interest of the Knights and is closely linked with conception.
That's the symbolism ...
P.S. There are a couple of certificates of red roll of precipitation (snow and rain) immediately after the passage of a large comet. Our ancestors may well have come to the conclusion that in the heavens someone killed or, at least, to deflower. Hence the idea to the conception of the Son of God - at hand.

P.P.S. Basilisk is a mixture of a rooster and a snake, that is, and then, and more. At the same time, the snake - a symbol of women's and cock - male. In a sense, Jesus also compromise figure: he is a man, but he is blameless, that in the literal sense peculiar to virgins. It's like a hermaphrodite or eunuch.
A few days ago saw the icon. Under the cross, where the skull is usually portrayed Adam lay severed phallus. The picture is not retained, and now can not find. However, experts are well aware of it.

Conclusion 1: The modern Christianity is a mixture of folk beliefs Freudian sense.
Conclusion 2: The New Testament was created later Middle Ages as well as the laconic, almost scientific description of the Annunciation Annunciation later created a mystic unicorn hunt.


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