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Despite the fact that, according to the European Space Agency (ESA), this can happen only once in a hundred years, a meteorite that exploded in the air and thus caused a huge shock wave in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, made everyone think. How little power over people when it comes to our world and our universe.

Although the incident had an impact on the local scale, the government reported that the number of people affected has reached the number of about 1,500 people and caused damage estimated at about 33 million. Dollars. And despite the fact that the outer body has gone virtually unnoticed, if the object has a larger volume, it would have caused much more damage.

Even if it was directed towards the Earth larger object that, accordingly, potentially creating a far greater threat to the large number of people, and even if we could detect it in advance, mankind has not been tested and effective means to effectively address this threat.

However, we need not address the topic of space threats. In fact, within our planet, there are many reminders of how easily nature can turn against people. But humanity is not so much can be done to prevent a disaster.


Earthquakes can be powerful and unpredictable. It is a powerful reminder of the danger to all who live along the fault line.

Capacity can reach such a force that is able to shift the axis of the planet. Think about the earthquake in 8.9 points, which caused a tsunami that devastated Japan. This natural disaster could raze the whole city in a few minutes, as it was in the infamous 1906 in San Francisco. Photos of this earthquake, see above.


Powerful earthquakes that occur under water can cause tsunamis, destructive force which has huge potential and is easily washed off the coastal areas along the shoreline.

An earthquake measuring 9.1 points, which occurred in 2004 in the Indian Ocean triggered a tsunami that killed more than 200 000 people from 14 countries. It was probably the most deadly tsunami in the history of mankind. Generating capacity equivalent to the explosion happened earthquake more than 23,000 nuclear bombs.


Volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010 resulted in the cessation of air traffic in Europe for a few weeks. As a result of the cataclysm was paralyzed message through the air, and on such a scale as in the days of the Second World War. No one could pronounce the word Eyjafjallajokull (Eyjafjallajökull), but a huge number of travelers cursed his name.

Despite the disruption caused by the volcano, to be honest, the event was far from the worst possible scenario. Given the nature of the disaster, and it potentially has a great destructive force, it is difficult to predict what would be the consequences of the eruption of this magnitude, if it had happened elsewhere.

Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes can trigger other natural disasters, including tsunamis and landslides.



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