Top 10 reasons why we are not as powerful or what our vulnerability [2]


Feed loose soil, water, and everything that floats on top, sliding down - this is one of the types of landslides, that is boarded. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention describe their fast-moving debris flows. Seli can be caused by heavy precipitation and volcanic eruptions, and causing extensive damage.


No matter what you call it - a hurricane or typhoon, either in the Atlantic or the Pacific, these powerful storms can cost many lives and bring billions of dollars in damage when they reach vulnerable coastal areas.

While meteorological services more successfully predict these massive cyclones, every season, even knowing about the projected path of the storm, there is no effective means of combating it. Besides, in any case, we have to eliminate the consequences after it hits the ground.

Hurricane Katrina, is undoubtedly the most powerful and costly example of such a storm. The damage caused by natural disaster valued at more than $ 100 billion, and the death toll has exceeded 1,800 people. Hurricane virtually wiped out an entire American city.


Despite its size relative to hurricanes, tornadoes can cause tremendous damage and before touching the ground, appears with little warning. Although the number of tornadoes, it seems increased in recent decades, yet it has increased the efficiency of dealing with them, thanks to the forecasting of these events, as President of the Center studies of severe weather Joshua Wurman in Discovery News, Robert Lamb.

In addition, in spite of the damage that they can continue to cause, the number of deaths following major tornadoes in the United States since the mid-20th century has decreased due to better preparedness for emergency crews.


Given that a large area of ​​the United States for the period of winter tires from frost, heat may sound like a welcome respite from the cold. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you may not know how devastating is the high temperature. Ask about this if you have the opportunity, for example, residents of Australia.

Heat waves more and more widespread and serious phenomenon, as occur as a result of the impact of climate change. They can be deadly for those who do not have adequate protection from the weather. In any case, all the heat is costly. Hot, dry air can also provoke forest fires and drought, is rapidly turning into a catastrophe discomfort.



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