Amazing giant octopus

However, the hallmark of a giant octopus is not only that. Octopus is able to change the color of its color from deep red color to black and white, striped or spotted color, with stripes and spots may vary in size.
Marine life presented at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco on March 6 this year.

"I am very pleased that the Academy Visitors will have the opportunity to see this amazing sea creature so close. Now everyone will be able to observe the unique abilities of the octopus, to study its social habits of courtship with a partner, "said in a statement, Richard Ross (Richard Ross), a biologist at the California Academy of Sciences.

Octopuses are known for their intellectual abilities, especially their unique means of concealment. For example, the Atlantic longarm octopus (Macrotritopus defilippi) is able to simulate the flounder, copying her habits in swimming. This octopus is able to even distort your body and eyes move left and right in such a way as you would flounder.

Trying to simulate various marine life, octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus) can change its color and shape of the most stunning ways, pretending to be anyone, from sea snakes to giant crabs and stingrays.

Huge Pacific Striped Octopus was discovered in 1991, but he inexplicably, was forgotten for more than a decade. This species is so unusual and has not been studied, it still has no name.

Unlike other species of octopus, the females lay their eggs survive, while the females of other species die after the first masonry.
Scientists suggest that these octopuses mate very often and that much important, peacefully, after procreation and female, and the male remains alive.

Although scientists still do not know much about the natural habitat of these octopuses, there are suggestions that the Giant Pacific Octopus Striped live in groups of up to 40 individuals of the same species. The researchers hope to put representatives of this species in the aquarium, to further explore the behavioral dynamics in large and small groups.


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